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  1. ^Sorry to rain on your parade, but the teaser is just the three QR videos (that were released a while ago) combined. They released this video on the Verbolten section of BG's site, but took it down and moved it to YouTube.
  2. Flight of Fear at KD has only lap-bar restraints and it has tons of loops. Just one example.
  3. ^ They actually have the brake run in place now. That was as of yesterday.
  4. If anyone cares about the new teaser that was just released today: Obviously hinting at the bridge/drop. Don't get the gnomes though...
  5. Pretty impressive the info you got! I really think that's awesome! But check your units... If its MS/MC it would be MS/MC = 920,847 sq.feet/36,000 people. By doing the conversion you get ~25.58 feet per person. Last time I checked, you can't fit 25 people in one square foot of space You can have one person per ~25 square foot! Seems like a pretty large number if you ask me!
  6. ^ Makes sense. Didn't think they would leave a stray piece of track there anyways.
  7. That's what I thought it was at first.... But the only black track is in the building (supposedly) and it is a squarish track segment - not flat or rectangular like we've seen. I think it's just a piece of equipment for the ride installation.
  8. Yes, there will be. You can Sorta tell in one of the pictures, but there are little branches coming off of some of the supports a foot or two below the track (exactly like there are on the indoor sections with brakes/catwalks).
  9. ^Not completely true. There have been two cranes in the employee lot (as I noticed from Kingsmill and while passing the brewery) that make it look like they are transporting track to the site, and there is a crane looks like it definitely is at the Rhine spot (it is a little closer to the front of the park and a lot closer to Mach Tower than the other two at the building site - as I noted from taking the rt. 60 exit off of 64 today).
  10. Yes they will, for some of the coaster. All of the footers from the beginning of the water to the station will be re-used, and more will be added.
  11. ^^ Ahh, yeah. I figured that it wasn't him, just wondering. Also, very clever! I didn't realized those were referring to park officials. Never read any of them.
  12. As I reported on the forums at BGWfans.com, there is a large crane peeking above the trees in the general area of Verbolten. You can see the crane from both rt. 143 and rt. 60, (and most likely from 64). I have a good feeling that the track is in fact on site, and there is a good chance of seeing a little more than dirt, concrete, and rebar this weekend.
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