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  1. I flew over thorpe yesterday while going to manchester and you could see the construction area, all there was though was dirt and lost of it!! But from what you could see, it will be quite spread out, because the island is quite big..
  2. It'll just be my personal opinion though.. i just can't get over how good this looks!
  3. it looks like the top of the dive loop will have some 'snap' in it.. i really need to ride this! to me, the curve will be an inversion because it's like an inclined loop curve...
  4. potionmagix has posted photos of the dive loop!! Full of sexy curves looks amazing! ^ ^
  5. on the website, when it explains the ride, it sounds as though it could be a 4d? - although they may just be referring to the element/drop after the lift hill..
  6. This actually looks amazing! I really hope it does have nemesis style forces or similar... if they pull off the theming it looks like it will be great ride! I'm going on a school trip next year to france and hoped we would go here, so i could ride it, but we're going to disneyland instead
  7. The wacky worm - 'Caterpillar Capers' at Camelot theme park. Sad? yup course it is! but it was fun! Also, i don't know how, but when we went through the apple, i touched it and got quite a big electric shock
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