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  1. Here's a portion of the park map from the 2006 season that I saved, it was from when Survivor was first installed and they did market it as such "the world's first reality coaster"
  2. Interesting idea, the only way I could see it work is if the exit for Eagles was used as the entrance for the maze. But, I agree with what CGA_88 said, that ride is indeed popular among the families-parents like to ride it with their kids- and almost always has a decent sized line when I work at it (though it's more of a capacity thing-only 8 eagles that seat 2 people each-though most end up riding 1 to a eagle, making it longer.) And yeah, Werewolf Canyon does have quite a line, last season the queue for Werewolf Canyon was up against Eagle's queue area, making access to Eagles somewhat difficult, many even asking me if the line for Werewolf Canyon was for for Flying Eagles. Maybe some part of Boomerang Bay could be converted to a Haunt Maze, surely some part could be without altering the waterpark too much, even if a tent is set up in part of it. Another location I thought of, maybe Whitewater Falls could be converted into a maze, they could build something to connect both sides of the station as is done at Rapids for Werewolf Canyon with the wooden footbridge taking the guests over the ride to the Rapids turntable.
  3. Interesting, that they applied for a 2 year extension for the 111 foot height variance, wonder what they have planned in regards to the wooden coaster, surely they would just not apply for an extension just for the sake of doing so (but then again who knows), but I thought Prudential and their offices next door had put an end to the coaster ever happening. As far as the permit website,interesting, thanks for sharing the link. It shows everything they've applied for, even down to when rides were first built in the 1970s, such as for the building of Turn of the Century and it's later conversion into the Demon to ones filed for the removal of Stealth and construction of Boomerang Bay. Apparently they also plan to remodel the remaining restrooms in the park as permits are filed for remodel of the ones by Vortex, Orleans Place, Whitewater Falls, Delirium and Eagle's Flight. Hopefully that's not all we'll see for next season is remodeled restrooms....
  4. As far as Rapids and the watefall at the end, when I was at it for a day, I would get asked questions about what happened to it often-usually when I was in the unloader position, as many remember getting soaked by it. I don't even know what happened to it though. As far as Firefall, same here, I'll be prepared too, I don't think any of us expected Invertigo to be taken out, I was even surprised at first when that was announced. But if it happens to Firefall, it'll make sense why. Hopefully it'll be back soon, but I'm not holding my breath on it reopening, since it's continuing it's record of being closed for the longest amount of time right now...
  5. This is the second day Firefall has been down now. To me, it seems like ever since they took the gondola off (from the start of the season to about May-when the gondola was returned) it seems like that was the start of the series of extended downtimes this ride has- seeing as it is almost August now and it's only operated maybe a week or two total this season-haven't really kept track. I've noticed the wobble/shaking it does too when I went on it as a guest and in the morning doing the test ride before the park opens. Or maybe it's just it's age has finally caught up with it.... either way, I've been wondering the same, if it will actually be removed at the end of this season. That's a first, haven't heard that from a guest yet myself, clearly that guest must of not walked by it and seen that all 40 of it's seats are still intact.
  6. Regarding Celebration Swings and it's 58" height stick, it actually belongs over at Firefall for the 'greeter' position, there used to be a 54" one that we'd use at Celebration Swings, but it disappeared and was replaced by the 58" one for now. The 56" is for Firefall and the 58" height limit is for Thunder Raceway, they are the only two places in the park the 56"-58" height stick is at. And a while back I had came across this map of the park shown to the Santa Clara City Council, I assume it was for the original planned wooden coaster that was to go around Star Tower, since it was talking about the 111 foot height and noise from it (the offices next door otherwise and their 'concern' over the noise) The map does show it in an alternate location, where the Redwood Amphitheater currently sits, so I guess they were willing to get rid of it since it sits empty most of the time anyways and a coaster could fit on it.
  7. So far it's made it about a day and a half-since it opened around 3 PM or so on July 13- without any downtime, hopefully it will be able to continue like this. I was a little hesitant at first to ride Firefall after I got off work on the day it reopened, but decided to do so anyways since it has been a while since I last rode it. Overall it was not bad, it is basically the same as last season, except it just needs the fire effects back.
  8. I made an effort to find the old ramp today after reading your post. I spotted it while on the turnaround for Vortex, interesting how they just left it there. Almost seems eerie, in a way. Yeah, that is where I first saw part of it too, on Vortex. It is interesting how they left it there, well that small part of it anyway. Only later when I began working there (last season) did I actually go look at it, well walk up to it and eventually onto part of the old railroad line itself. On another note, on the backside of the Grizzly, part of the track remains, only where it crossed cement. I've never had that said at Firefall (yet) but have been asked that many a times at Swings, usually by teenagers as I'm checking seats, "Has anyone ever died on this?" "Have the chains ever broke?" To which I'll answer no, no one has ever died on this ride and no the chains have never broke and continue on checking seats. But I would not be surprised at all if the guests are thinking along the lines of what you put above when I tell them it's having technical difficulties, some stare with that 'I don't believe you look on their faces' before walking away. As for Whitewater Falls, sounds almost like Rapids, some are almost never ready once they reach the end of the turntable, much like what you described above, in addition to not having their belts on, switching seats at the last moment, and so on, at which point once we get to the end of the turntable, near the gate, we have to push the gate to stop the turntable moving so the problem can be fixed.
  9. True, I fully understand why they don't, besides it's not really my position to know about why the ride does what it does, aside from what I've seen it do when it at control. We basically can only say so much too about it to the gp for the same reason they could blow it out of proportion, such as when the guests come up there wanting to know why it's stopped at the top or why it's closed, we can't say why ( I won't and can't even say on here what it does), other than it's having technical difficulties or even how long it's going to be closed, because if they are given an estimated time, they will be back and be disappointed if the ride is not open at that time.
  10. During the fireworks, it was stuck, but not upside down (I've never seen it be stuck upside down, I don't think it can, well hopefully anyways)-the guests were upright the entire time up there. As for the shaking, are you referring to the part with the yellow-orange circles on it or the gondola itself shaking? I've only seen the part with the yellow/orange circles do that, but the mechanics say nothing about it when they are up there watching it cycle.
  11. Yeah, it was open, but as of a few hours ago-around 6:40 or so, the choice was made to close it for the day as it kept having the same problem repeatedly and was actually spending more time down than running it with guests on board, so it was closed so the problem could try to be identified and fixed. Hopefully it will be back up soon and the bugs worked out with it, it's only been Firefall's second day of running with guests on it.
  12. It did get busier as the day went on, well at least from when I arrived for work around 3:30 and closer to the fireworks starting. The two rides I was at had fairly long lines throughout the day, and that capacity was up more each hour. Celebration Plaza was really crowded once the Fireworks started, so it would likely be best to avoid it. I'm sure other rides did as well, having longer lines, such as Vortex and Flight Deck, though I did not see how the lines were at those rides. And Firefall again drew quite a bit of attention today, the guests see it being cycled over and over throughout the course of the day and think it's open or going to be opened, hopefully very soon they will actually be able to go on it. I'm sure if it were opened today, it would of had a rather long line too.
  13. Well I think it is a shed, not sure what-if anything -it is used for. I noticed it a while back when I was taking my break after working at another ride, it sits near where Invertigo was, but I did not think much of it at the time until I watched Beverly Hills Cop 3 again, where the image on the right came from.
  14. The shed on the left sure looks familiar doesn't it?-See image on the right. And on another note, the CEO from Cedar Fair visited the park today, though I did not see him while I was working.
  15. Yeah, that was George Lucas that he cut in front of on the Sky Whirl. Yeah, that is how I remember it when the stairs were there, going up and down them, it took a little while to get through the line, much like it does today. Flying Eagles is the same way, it takes forever to get through that line or clear it half the time, I'm sure this weekend will be packed with the Fireworks on Saturday and Sunday... Interesting Demon used to run three trains, I always thought it was just a two train operation.
  16. Yeah, I wound up buying Beverly hills Cop 3 online after unsuccessfully trying to find it at a few Blockbuster closing sales, mostly for the same reason since it shows Great America in the past. As for the antique car ride, I remember the stairs that went over the first track and onto the second track, with usually just as equally long of a line as it has now with just the one queue. I faintly remember that kids area, but do remember the wooden bridge, I liked it too, shame they removed it too. As for Discovery Zone, I think I remember it somewhat, though I never went much since it was way down Blossom Hill Road (in San Jose) and not that close to where I live. And at the end of the clip where the stand is blown up with the annihilator 2000, part of the Hometown Square Station queue ramp(maybe it's exit?) is visible, part of which still remains today as a concrete ramp behind the control room for Celebration Swings (to the left of Triple Play) and no longer accessible to the public as one has to go through Triple Play's old spot to access it. Yeah, I forgot about those clips, of the train, the carousel in the back and the Delta/Eagles Sky Ride being on the wrong side of the park, of which the doors on those would not open like that, but then that's a movie for ya, needing some type of action. I have those clips too, should upload it as well to youtube soon.
  17. Edit: I deleted the link to the video since Paramount was quick to pull a copyright infringement claim. On the subject of past rides in the park and Sky Whirl, not sure if this video clip has been shared before on here or not, but it does show many of the rides now gone as well (even though it is from Beverly Hills Cop 3), including Triple Play towards the end of the video clip, Vortex with it's green color scheme and part of the original area now home to Kidzville (before the rope bridge and all that were removed, visible around 4:26 in the video) Tidal Wave/Greased Lightning and obviously the Sky Whirl, though it was likely not the best way to have viewed the ride, having one of it's cages falling from the cable breaking...
  18. Yeah, this was a busier day for the park, especially for having no schools in the park for one of their functions as happened in May and early June. Firefall started cycling around 4:30 or so, and began to draw some people to it, several were watching it cycle and others asking if it was open or going to be opened today. Chances are I was at the control booth when you saw it being cycled, we are hoping to have it open soon, it just needs to do a few more cycles before it can be opened and the water filled-or in the case of the lower pond, changed since that water is dirty....
  19. Regarding AFX and the other theater, the one no longer used, true the screen and chairs are intact, but some of the chairs have been taken apart slightly, I guess to use the parts for the chairs in the working side of the theater. It is used for some storage as well (mostly in the front area), while when I was in it last, bringing some items to put in it from another area. I think the last time it showed anything was during the Paramount era, when they had some Halloween themed shows in both, I think the side not used now showed some show with Elvira in it (from what I recall anyway, though I could be wrong) And as far as Firefall, they should be putting the panels back onto the back of the gondola soon, it just took longer than expected to get some parts for it's rehab.
  20. I saw that google bike too when I was working on Tuesday at Flying Eagles, did not know they even had such a thing until now, but I thought it was neat to see as well. He did a few laps around the 50s gazebo and surrounding area-chances are I'm in a few of them as I was unloading guests when he came around. The bike and it's rider also spent a few minutes just sitting in front of Firefall- not sure what he was doing though.
  21. As far as I've seen, these sections of track below are all that remain from the scenic railway, there also are the buildings where the train would be parked and worked on (right behind the Green Slime/Runaway Reptar/Woodstock Express roller coaster and of course, as has been said, Psycho Mouse's queue line uses the old county fair station
  22. Yeah, I mean, I don't like doing it, being strict with them, but when they don't listen at all at times and I do agree it's tough, they don't realize that they could hurt themselves, others around them, and even us, such as one other time at Swings, a guest decided to kick both their shoes off while the ride was in motion, one flew out of the ride area and in the walkway between the raised planter and Swings.
  23. Saturday has also been quite busy for the parks, usually due to the schools that are there for band competitions. As for that car used out front of werewolf canyon, it was a pain at times, had to tell many guests last season to not play on it or in it, or in one case as a guest did climb on top of the underside of the car and start walking up it. As for Rue Le Dodge, interesting, I'll only use the P.A. system (during the ride cycle anyways) when a guest is clearly doing something they should not be and need reminding of the rule they are not following. I'll give the guests several (at least two, three if I feel like it) warnings at the Swings, usually along the line of 'For your safety please do not twist in your seats while the ride is in motion' as most of the time it is the twisting in the seats or they hold hands constantly while the ride is going, and as much as I hate to do it, I have to stop the ride, remove the guest(s) not following the rules and then restart the ride for the guests who did not get a full ride cycle. It did happen once yesterday, but last week, it happened far too much. As for 'no bumping' on bumper cars, I recall the Santa Cruz Beach Boradwalk having those signs 'no bumping' a few years ago when I went there, I never did quite get what is the point of a Bumper car if one can't bump other cars with it.
  24. Just an update on Firefall, it's gondola is back in place finally. Towards the end of the day, the ride actually was moving, just doing a few slow rotations though, which it did shortly after I took the image below.
  25. There were some band competitions going on in the park on Saturday and some awards ceremony over in the Peanuts Playhouse, there were many schools at the park, including some from Pleasanton, as for whatever reason, I just remember the shirts they were wearing as they would come through the line of the ride I was operating several times. But I do agree, it was nice to see it busy, something I have not seen since the season started. Even with the season pass processing, the line got quite long, that at one point they actually used the old Triple Play queue area. There was a running group there today as well. I don't think the running group alone contributed to the crowds...I think more of it being spring break/end of spring break so parents want to take their kids somewhere before school starts up again. And now that there's been plenty of CGA commercials on TV and the radio, many are now aware the park's alive and kicking again for the season. Yeah, I saw several of them as well, people that had participated in the run. Flying Eagles did have a consistent line of parents and kids at it on Sunday too, now it's back to weekends only until the end of May/first week of June, when the schools start letting out for the Summer, which I'm sure the crowds will come back once Boomerang Bay is opened at that time as well, especially when the weather starts getting hot again.
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