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  1. I agree. With the curve that swings next to the drop in the lower foreground.
  2. I was at MK yesterday, and grabbed some Fantasyland photos. I forgot to bring a real camera, though, so we're stuck with iPhone4 blurryphotos.... The entry gate by Pinocchio's is taking shape! You can see the Seven Dwarves Mine Train hills are taking some more form... Eric's Castle, and surrounding landscaping coming along nicely The rockwork seems nearly done here... view from further back Apologies about the blur, and poor lighting...it was sunset, so not ideal.
  3. Betcha a tub of Dippin Dots that there's a barrel roll or two. There may not be room in the tunnel for it, but how awesome would it be if they put a barrel roll right through the tunnel?
  4. It is 100% indeed topper track! Mind=blown I've officially gone from "I really wanna ride that!" to "I MUST ride that!!!!!"
  5. Ok, stupid question: I had thought (for no apparent reason) that this was going to be a Iron Horse track. Is it actually a topper track build? If so, the "OMG Holy Spaceballs this goes inverted!!!" factor goes WAY up for me.
  6. Well, with a time window stretching out nearly 3 months, I had gone from "checking my email to see if I heard from Disney" to "checking my email to see if anything isn't junk" so you can imagine that I was a bit shocked, and quite thrilled when I got an email this morning from Disney, with an acceptance! I've been offered a position in quick-service food & beverage, but it didn't specify a park. I imagine it may very well bounce around, but that remains to be seen. The offer is for the Fall Advantage period. Needless to say, I'm BEYOND thrilled, and can't wait to get out there!!
  7. That's interesting! Whodathunkit? As it is, I just got an email...and I'm pending...I expected as much, but slightly disappointing nonetheless. Now I've got to wait till April 25th...
  8. When did you have the phone interview? Mine was on the 24th, but I have yet to receive an update of any kind, despite the promised two-week window...
  9. I've been trying to log in off and on for about an hour now, but all it tells me is that there's rediculously high amount of traffic, and won't let me log in...any one else suffering this fate?
  10. I have mine tomorrow afternoon and I'm wicked nervous! I'm praying that I get this! Where did you apply too? Maybe if we both get it well work together! Good luck!!! My top three choices were attractions, food & beverage, and concierge, but I didn't really discuss a specific area of the parks...
  11. My phone interview was last night, and the follow-up email after that said I should have a response in the next 2 weeks. To say I'm excited would be an understatement!
  12. In times past, they had a schedule posted on the College Program website, indicating when & where they would be giving the presentations at various schools across the country. If you had missed the presentation near you, or there wasn't one near you, there was an online version you could watch, and whenever you'd apply, the application would ask where you saw the presentation, whether in person or online...When I applied, the application didn't mention the presentations at all, that I noticed... But to go back and answer the question of whether you HAVE to attend one...not necessarily I don't think. It basically just introduces the Disney College Program, and explains how things work...if you explore the website thoroughly, and read up on the various components, you'll know just as much as you would have gotten from a presentation.
  13. Applications opened today for fall 2012! I've got my application in, anyone else?
  14. See, I haven't had that problem...the lapbar does squeeze pretty tight when setting, but relaxes back enough that it doesn't bother me. Then again, I'm a skinny guy, so that may have something to do with it.
  15. Well, you get one! There is music playing right now from the feed. This is pretty cool! And yes, I made sure its from the feed, I went on a couple of computers and tried it. LOL. Haha I shall now wish for a million dollars! Ah, if only... It is really cool or the RADG to put up the audio, though!
  16. I really enjoy the Rocket-themed one at SFOT, as it goes completely inverted, and just keeps you hanging there... I had been told that it came from Astroworld, but I have no way to validate that as fact... SFOT does have another ship-themed swinging ride, but I've never ridden it, simply cause it doesn't invert, and the rocket one does!
  17. So they apparently have a dj getting set up in the claw! This should be interesting...makes me wish for an audio feed...
  18. *facepalm* That post slipped past me somehow. Here I was thinking I would be all clever and everything, trying out all the characters with the whole alphabet and everything...ah well.
  19. It looks like the letters R, A. D, and G all have corresponding animations for each of the characters... EDIT: Not all the characters seem to have 4 different animations, but what animations they do have seem to be assigned to one of those four letters.
  20. to edit your character, click the green + to the left of your character. Also, I got disconnected earlier, I was in the 500's in line or so...I gave up on the connection for the time being, and went out for errands. I returned, and reconnected, to discover that it apparently saved my place, because there's 8-900 people in line, but it put me in the 100's, with about 3 hours to wait!
  21. Same here...just connecting... I was really hoping someone would grab for the guy's head while he was in there....
  22. This is really good to hear! It is an interesting dynamic having the steel shaped wooden track built on a wooden structure that moves like a wooden coaster. Can't wait to ride it again sometime when I make it back to Texas! I was there on Saturday, the 1st, (I'm assuming that's the same day you were there?) -They turned the misters on early afternoon, once it had warmed up a bit. I was actually on the 1st train that had had it on, so the ride op said...also the horn was honking whenever I was there. For what it's worth. It's been mentioned that the horn is controllable by the ride ops...I wonder if that is true or not.. Eh, either way, I do agree that it's riding very nicely! Also, FWIW, they were running all three trains when I was there.
  23. yea, when I watched the video, I thought how if everything in the background weren't exactly as they were in the park, I would have wondered if it was an animation...I think it is because of how saturated the colors are...and the "abnormal" camera angles...(abnormal in the vein that most coaster vids don't have such angles, and when they do, it's something from an animation...)
  24. I've got my luggage in my car...my road trip to Georgia begins TODAY! So excited!
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