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  1. I don't understand how expecting someone old enough to go around (mostly) unsupervised in a theme park to abide by the posted rules (as well as behaving like a decent human being) is "picking on" them. It's not. SMH I agree that following rules is expected amongst parkgoers of every age. The appropriate way, IMO, to handle things like that would be to simply say "hey guys, youre not supposed to skip the line" or "you cant hold places in line" or whatever. Not be a bully who's significantly older than a fee Boys and Girls Club kids and make a scene loud enough to be overheard by an employee. Theres always a right or wrong way to enforce the rules and this was a pretty pathetic way to go about doing so if you ask me. But hey, if calling kids out is your thing, Im not going to stop you. Ahh, see the difference is in the details. The way I read the story, the employee was a Boys and Girls club chaperone, not a SFMM staff. Besides that, you and I are interpreting his "calling out" differently. If he was getting aggressively loud, abusive, etc, yea, he's being uncool, and shouldn't be. But, IMO, a loud "Hey, no cutting in line!" is not inappropriate. Either way, neither of us were there, and so further debate about whether he used the appropriate the level of aggressiveness confronting the kids in question is time wasted.
  2. I don't understand how expecting someone old enough to go around (mostly) unsupervised in a theme park to abide by the posted rules (as well as behaving like a decent human being) is "picking on" them. It's not. SMH
  3. I see no problem with politely asking to fill a seat that would have otherwise gone empty anyway. Not affecting the wait time for anyone behind, so while -technically- maybe line-jumping, it's not realistically affecting anyone.
  4. Does anyone know what rides/sections are closed for holiday in the park?
  5. Here are the additional photos I took from the Oil Derrick. I wish there was more to see, sadly not. View from the Oil Derrick towards Adventure Theatre. You can see that not much has happened recently with construction "out back" Closer view of the expansion of Adventure Theatre. Or...the Former Adventure Theatre? How long are we going to continue to call it that? I guess until the new ride opens? Also, I have a screencap of Google Maps Satellite view below for comparison, as the satellite shot was conveniently taken when the ride was mostly drained. -- In other news, this shot was taken from the same location as the previous photo. I was using an iPhone 6, just zoomed the shot in a bit. Pretty amazing clarity and focus really... Some of Roaring Rapids still had water covering the bottom...this was the only area that was truly exposed, a lot of the back half of the course was somewhat filled with water still... This was just a bit further along the ride, you can see the station still along the left side there, also please disregard the odd white corners, was trying to peek the camera out of the guardrails of the Oil Derrick. You can see here the Roaring Rapids/Adventure theatre area, before the holding pond was emptied for construction. To be perfectly clear, this is a screengrab of Google Satellite View. Not my photo.
  6. I read that earlier and if what Gerstlauer saying is true about the seatbelt anchors being pre-installed with the ride and SF chose to not install the actual belts and buckles that makes SF look pretty bad for not installing them in the first place and then right after the accident when the ride was shut down they go ahead and install them. They must have edited the article, because now there is no mention of pre-installed seatbelt anchors... >_>
  7. The park was way crowded yesterday for fright fest, so I only got one chance to ride NTAG. (We left at 3:15, and the whole parking lot was full all the way to the back lot next to Rangers Stadium...maybe 3-5 rows empty. Huge crowds still just arriving, entry in front of turnstiles was full) We rode front row, and I noticed little difference. Maybe -maybe- a smidge more airtime. But it's hard to tell when you're never in the seat anyway.... They were running the red and blue trains, both with only five cars. Operations weren't great but they weren't terrible either. I'd say maybe half to two thirds of the trains and stack but not always and usually only for just a few moments. Anyone know if iRat lost a car also? Or are they RMC trains? I have some pictures I took of the drained portion of roaring rapids and the construction area behind Adventure theater. I will post them when my boyfriend sends them to me from his phone The "zombie infestation maze was apparently originally scheduled for the Adventure Theater, as the park map has that listed as the location for this attraction. It is now actually in the back of the park where flashback and the bumper cars used to be. The wear pattern on the track is interesting. I'm curious how long the paint will last... Maybe I'm losing my mind but it feels like they've repainted some of this wall in front of the DC comics store... Personally, I'm not usually a huge fan of the cheesecloth spiderwebs. They look tacky and cheap to me. This, however looked really good More of the pretty legitimate cheesecloth spiderwebs
  8. I am at the park today. Surprisingly full for a Sunday morning. Park opened at 11AM. When we arrived at 11:30, the first set of lots (up to the old gas station) were full, and the second set of lots (next to Titan) was nearly full. I'll post more as I can!
  9. It has more to do with your bodies shape than it does your weight. If you have large thighs or a REALLY big belly then you probably cant go on. If you don't fit those two categories your fine. My thighs are of a decent size not big but they can squish quite a bit lol It really is hit-and miss regarding whether the restraint will "lock" into place. Without actually physically trying the test seat (or the real deal) it's hard to say. I would hazard a guess, however, that if you fit pretty comfortably in the Gerstlaur spinner coasters (e.g. Pandemonium) you're probably going to fit NTAG.
  10. MK has fireworks distributed around the park already. I am assuming you've seen videos and/or have experienced the 360 degree fireworks show they do for special holidays? There are small launch stations installed around the perimeter of the park. (You can see them from the street if you know what you're looking for.) Also there are launch stations for smaller effects on the roof of the Philharmagic/Hall of Presidents building and the Sir Mickey's/Storybook Treats building, as well as some effects launchers on the castle itself. The MAIN launch station, that puts out the big earthshaking shells is the one behind the Castle. As it is, don't they close the back half of New Fantasyland during fireworks due to potential fallout? I know they have Cast Members on patrol near the backside of the castle watching for fallout from the smaller in-park firework effects...
  11. Um...maybe not finally? There's the plot of land all behind where Beauty & Beast Rest. and Mermaid ride intersect at the back, there? The path between them, could lead to the: Blue Sky Rumor, that there was ample room to build an an entire Villains Land behind Fantasyland, with Mt.Doom towering up behind it all, as this land's centerpiece. Just a memory of it. Would be awesome, if possible. (EDIT to add: And then they could bring back Alien Encounter!) Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that they're pretty much certain to not add anything (certainly not anything guest-based) any further "back" than the existing structure, due to fallout from the fireworks. If you go out to the service road area (Magic Kingdom Drive) behind Pinnochio's/Be Our Guest after Wishes, there's definitely large shells spread around on the pavement. Also, the fireworks are supremely loud in that area, so it couldn't possibly be pleasant for a large number of people...
  12. Status: Sitting and rotting. It will probably get demolished next summer for whatever comes in 2016. If anything comes in 2016. A few people have noticed (Including myself) that an X-Flight fits perfectly in that spot. Hoping whatever comes has major theming and Gotham gets an over-hall. I know it's a pipe-dream, but a Texan version of X2 would make me so happy...
  13. Has anyone ever gotten a legit answer to "why" not the last row? I had forgotten about that silliness during a recent solo trip to SFOT, and got called out by the ride op. I was so surprised, that I nearly lost my shit. Course it's not his fault, so yelling at him about some stupid rule is pointless, but I had to remind myself of that haha
  14. LOL You of course are the expert, but you are correct. SFFT's BTR clone is actually called Goliath, and the park doesn't have anything Batman themed currently.
  15. it's not just themed teacups. .it's INCREDIBLY themed teacups. It's by far, the best themed ride in the park (the pad is a pool table!). I wish it went up and down like the old barrel rides, but Hustler is just such a classic bit of theming. .that's why folks love it. But if it's staying?. . . I'll bet it gets re--themed to the area. Harley Quinn's juggling balls anyone? I, for one, am glad Hustler stays! I love that ride. It does need some refreshing though. Harley Quinn's balls sounds like a fun re-theme to me!
  16. Makes as much sense as anything to me. I'm in favor. Especially since i'll be able to trot on down and test it myself firsthand right away!
  17. I would do it now, that way you have the chance to "drink the joo joo juice" return to school, be a campus rep, go back, and do the CP again. I wish I could.
  18. A wooden mine train...actually in an underground mine, wth tons of fire? Maybe an original style, but hardly earth-shattering...
  19. Having grown up in that area, I'm honestly flabbergasted that NOLA is so dead-set of putting something there. It's on the bad side of town, (make that the really bad side of town), is prone to flooding, and is not really even convenient to town. You're practically out of New Orleans before you get there. The economic support of the immediately local neighborhoods would be basically nonexistent also...
  20. Fiesta Texas uploaded a new picture to their Facebook page this morning. That drop looks so huge from this angle! Iron Rattler 01-14-13
  21. From the SFOT Facebook page: I'm guessing that it's a married-on-a-ride concept, but makes me wonder which ride... How many riders will TSS hold at a time again?
  22. huh. That's interesting. I've been seeing guests with the photopass+ lanyards for some time now. I hadn't realized it was basically being soft tested...
  23. I had heard a rumor a while back that Celebrate The Magic was going to incorporate Glow With The Show ears...but that was back when they first announced the new show. I haven't heard anything since. Has anyone else? I'm hoping it does, as it's a cool effect I'd love to see! Just wondering if some of the more-connected people knew anything worth sharing. Also like, maybe when it'll actually launch? It's November, and there's still no opening day announced...
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