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  1. I agree, Bill and Ted was more entertaining last season, this year's felt rushed and almost as if they ran out of ideas. (Come on, the Justin Beiber jokes are beating a dead horse) Best zone of the night for me went to Curse of Chucky, they all seemed to be having the most fun out of all the scare zones. Worst maze: El Cucuy, not sure why they decided to have such long empty hallways filled with nothing but fishing wire..

  2. Very excited for Haunt this year it should be awesome! Even better I may be apart of it as I applied for Talent today and going to the job fair on the 4th!


    It's a lot of fun, but a lot of folks are surprised when they learn it's not as easy as it seems! Any thoughts on where you want to try and go? I'll be Supervising again, hopefully they bring me back to the same place as last year

  3. I was just invited to see the new ice show at CGA on a preview night. Happiness Is...SNOOPY!


    What makes it cool is that we get to park in the employee lot, which I guess means a quick backstage walk through in order to get to the front of the park. (which will be closed) So, i'll be sure to post about it later tomorrow after the show.


    I've already watched it twice, one of the perks of working in Entertainment It's a great show and the set is really well done. If I knew what you looked like i'd say hi but I don't

  4. I understand the whole thing about the haunt monsters needing to be "scarier", but you're saying that some kid who's seventeen, who can legally see R-rated movies by himself, has to go home because it's "past his bedtime"? That would be a bit insulting for their core audience. Besides, it should be up to parents who call the shots not someone who thinks Haunt should suddenly become an adults only event.


    The parks do advertise a recommended age of 13+ however, we still see parents bringing their kids in strollers. Enjoy your kid's therapy bill once he/she gets older.

  5. What gender is Peppermint Patty?


    Seriously, has this dude been living under a rock? Even my young nieces clueless about the Peanuts would have figured all of that one out (being that Snoopy is Charlie Brown's dog, and that Snoopy is male).


    Indeed, it was more-so funny because of how his tone was when talking, I was half expecting some sort of complaint because they had to cut off the meet and greet line due to it being too long, but alas it was for a more hard hitting world impacting question

  6. I had a guest yesterday come up to me and say, "I have a serious question that I really need you to answer for me" he sounded so serious, but I had to force the laughter in when his question ended up being "What gender is Snoopy?" when I answered "Male" he asked in all seriousness, "Why was he dancing with Charlie Brown??" it became way more difficult to not laugh when explaining to him that Snoopy is his dog.

  7. What I mean is when the public treats facebook like a customer service outlet with issues they've had at parks, when the issue would actually be resolved directly if they were to speak with the actual guest relations department instead of Marketing etc.. it's kind of like calling a company and pressing random numbers on a phone prompt and then complaining that you had to be transfered because you failed to dial the correct department

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