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  1. Be really cool towards whoever you like...that's how people like me!


    OK, I have a really weird question that I touched on in the rant thread. So, one of my best friends has started going out with my sister so now I can barely hang out with either one of them without the other being there making it all awkward for me. I'm starting to freak out about it because sure they're having a good time, but it's ruining my relationship with them. What should I do?

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!!111 I can't believe this! I was at SFOG yesterday, and I was standing right behind you to get on Goliath and I saw your camera and I was thinking "I bet he's a roller coaster enthusiast...maybe I should ask him if he's on TPR", then I didn't so...basically, I was standing right behind you when you took the picture of Goliath's station.

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