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  1. Hm...well...ever since the last update I painted the lift and the station pieces...and I need to get those attached to the supports then I'll start putting on the rails. So, the track should probably be finished sometime this weekend.




    Today I'll be going and buying the last few pieces I need for the track, then I'll put the rails on. Expect and update possibly tonight!

  2. **UPDATE**


    I've started work on the track, and it's going pretty well!


    And here's the entire thing so far!


    This picture sort of explains how the track connects to the support. The little blue piece is super glued to a rod and the rod is run into the PVC pipe and then a screw is run through the PVC pipe and the rod.


    Looking down about half of the first drop.


    What will someday be the lift hill and the station...I have to paint them first.


    For Yankee Cannonball and anybody who was wondering, this is what the rails are made of.

  3. ^Not only that, but I have a VERY limited amount of time, and the main reason that I'm making it very simple is that, I have no idea how it will run when I put it all together. So, I'm just using the safest track with the most common elements and praying that it will all work.


    I have (in my opinion) a really good design for the wheel assembly. I'll have to custom make my wheels (I got a half inch rod of steel, and I'm going to cut it into little fourth inch sections then drill a hole in the center that's 1/16th of an inch). All of it will be fitted onto the track by a piece of aluminum in the shape of a C...but square...It will be tight enough to hug the track, but it will be loose enough to where if I have a few bumps here or there it will keep going.


    And yes, the trains will basically be boxes on wheels...but with a pointy nose...and they will be day glow yellow.

  4. For the lift hill I'll probably buy a motor and have a small chain connected to it and then have a ghetto rigged chain dog under the train.


    As for the brakes...I did have some ideas for them at first, but now I think I'll just let it run like a K'nex or coaster dynamix model.





    I just painted the cross ties because I got bored. (I have two types of cross ties, the one you see won't be connected to the supports, but I made another kind which is basically like these but with a square piece of wood in the middle so it will be able to connect to the supports. I have to finish making them then I'll paint them and post pictures of them too.)


    Do you guys like that color?

  5. I'm designing a working model roller coaster for my senior project, and I just wanted to post some pictures of what i have so far so you guys can tell me what you think! Also, please help me think of a name.



    This is where I am so far! Now, I have to make the track (which I'm working on), the train, and the aesthetic stuff.


    finished supports!


    almost halfway finished with painting the supports!


    painting the supports (I'll have the base covered in fake grass)


    Then, I made a base and drilled holes where supports went. The supports went through blocks glued to the base for extra sturdiness.


    I cut all of my sections of PVC after scaling down a roller coaster I designed in NL and sorted them/put them together. It's basically got a station, lift, drop, loop, and a turn back into the station.


    pieces of pvc and wood and other fun stuff.


    Me at Lowes with a shopping cart full of stuff!

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