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  1. ^I agree with you completely however, I will throw in that Adam has been doing theatrical stuff since the age of ten. He even was the understudy for Fiyero in Wicked. Nowadays, it's very very very difficult to do something like that without amazing vocal training. So he does have training, but I guess he was just trying the "screaming" to do something new...and at any rate I love it. Try singing notes that high w/o screaming. It's hard to hit notes like that without using falsetto; kudos to him!


    I still think Kris is also amazing, but his type of music has been done before and I like Adam more because it's something "new".

  2. I came to Holiday World two days after you. I had never been before and the Raven was great. The Legend was closed for the first part of the day, but when I rode it I liked it, it had good laterals and stuff. However, The Voyage...it does have GREAT airtime, laterals, speed, everything that makes a great ride, but it was so rough I rode it twice and had a back ache. I'm sort of torn between IT WAS AMAZING and OMG, OW, IT HURTS SO MUCH. That's just my two cents!

  3. It's not a class. Basically at my school for our senior year, we have to do a HUGE project in English. Everybody can choose a different topic that involves different careers or community service. Throughout this semester we've written a 10+ page research paper, narrative essay, etc. etc.... But, with the topic you choose, you have to have a product. That's where my roller coaster comes in. Tomorrow we present our product and everything to a panel of judges and it will count as six major grades. So...here's the finished product!


    By the way, I had to go with plan B. A working model would have cost me a lot more over my budget.

  4. Looks really cool! But what are those hand weights doing there in the first photo on the page?


    They were used to hold down the supports I had to reglue to the base.


    Be sure to polish the axles and use either graphite or silicone spray on the wheels. You may want to wipe the rails with silicone spray to cut down on friction too. Use only a "dry" lube. WD-40 will work OK, but a pure silicone may be better. Make sure the gauge on the guide wheels has plenty of slack to take into account variations in track width.


    I truly am impressed with what you have accomplished in such a short time. You are one of the few who have actually tackled such an ambitious project and seen it through.


    Yeah, I got some graphite powder stuff...and I'll be sure to have plenty of slack with the wheels and stuff.


    Still looks amazing.


    Are you planning on doing any signage/scenery for the ride? I think that would be really cool.


    OMG, YES! Tell me if you guys like this...the station will basically be a simple open air station with a curved roof and then the que line will be between the last turn/station/straight bit of track after the loop. Then, the entrance to the ride will be in the arch support for the loop. Here's a pic...



    However...the actual thing will be MUCH more detailed. That's just to show the layout of where stuff will go.



    Anyway, I just want to thank you guys for all of your support! I probably wouldn't be nearly as motivated if it wasn't for doing all of these updates.


    Oh, and does anybody want to make up a name for the ride?

  5. My ideas for the train...


    I have a rectangular piece of steel that's about an inch wide and it's hollow. I'll cut it into 6 pieces that are an inch long. Into each of the inch long sections, I'll cut grooves into each side that are 1/4 of an inch wide. From there, I will slide my wheels into the groove and weld the axle to the rectangular piece.


    For my wheels, my papaw was a tool and die maker, and he has some tools I can use. All I have to do is cut a half inch rod of steel into 1/4 inch sections and then drill a 1/16 hole in the middle.


    For the car...I'll have two cars. They'll be sort of boxy, but I'll make a pointy nose for the front car and have them all decorated. Then, I'll make little seats that are basically L shaped and then I'll add lap bars using the wire I used for the cross ties. That's about it!


  6. For anyone who hasn't visited Elvis' hometown, I highly recommend it.


    Elvis was actually born in Tupelo, MS. He moved when he was like...12 or something.



    (That's the house he was born in.)


    I'm not trying to be rude or anything...but I live in Tupelo and every time we hear somebody say Elvis was born in Memphis we say NOOO he wasn't!

  7. Looks a bit shaky, but the supports look crazy realistic.


    It's actually really sturdy in real life.



    Very nice amount of progress so far for the limited time, and the supports are impressive. Just one issue: that one transition in the loop and the other various bumps in the track will probably sap the vehicle of much of its momentum. Is there any way to smooth those out?


    Yeah, I'm going to move a few supports so that the track will flow better. Especially at the bottom of the loop.





    I hate to say it, but in the event it *doesn't* work, I have an alternative plan for how I can present it.


    In the proposal for our project I said I would make a model but I never said if it would be working or not so....If it doesn't work I'll have little cards explaining the physics on the track...if it does work, I'll keep my original plan!

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