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  1. Cool pictures! I would really like to get to this park at some point. I'm especially interested in trying Titan, Shockwave, Mr. Freeze, and the new Texas Giant when it's opened!
  2. When I first saw Cedar Point's skyline, I have to admit it was a spectacular moment. My family was laughing at me as I just stared! I kind of like driving up to Darien Lake. There is no interstate exit or large town surrounding it. It's in the middle of miles and miles of nothing. You're just driving through all these trees and fields, Then suddenly ROS pops out from nowhere.
  3. I thought GASM was okay, I first rode it last September. It was really jerky, but definitely expected it. It stood out like a sore thumb though, being surrounded by those B&Ms and Intamins. I'm not sure that Green Lantern will be a better ride....though it will be easier to maintain i'm sure. I've ridden Mantis and that's all I have to compare it to though. I'd say I liked Mantis and GASM about equal....Looks like now I've got some incentive to get back to Jackson to try it out! (As if riding El Toro again wasn't enough!)
  4. Nice Pictures! I sure wish they would come up with a better name than "Ride of Steel" for the former Superman. Not that it would matter, most people (myself included), still refer to it as "Superman" anyway.... I love that they painted Viper black again! I always thought it just looked "wrong" in the years when it was green. The Boomerang looks nice with the new paint as well.
  5. Nice pictures! I agree about Bobsleds being messed up! My friends always want to skip it but I think it's really fun just because it's so weird! It can be sometimes annoying though because of it's line. The capacity is really low.
  6. I've always found Predator and Darien Lake to be horrible! Also, at the same park, Mind Eraser (SLC) is a close second. People often say Mean Streak at Cedar Point is rough, but I rode it last year and thought it was just "slow and boring" rather than "rough".
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