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  1. I just bought one last week. It is now $15 per ride of X2 if you buy the flash pass. In other words, if you want to ride X2 twice, you will pay $30 extra. You only need a flashpass if you go on a busy day. On what day will you be visiting? I'm going on Monday June 20th
  2. Question about Flashpass: I just bought mine for my trip (first time!) in June and it says you can pay extra to reserve a seat on X2... Super excited to ride it but does anyone know exactly how much that extra charge is? And is it worth it? Just paid $161 for 3 person gold pass. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys! Going to SFMM for the first time sometime between June 20 and 23rd, but I can't decide if one day is enough or should I plan for 2 days? Thanks!
  4. Oh awesome! Thank you! This will be my first time so SFMM so I'm super excited! Gotta long time until then to wait though lol
  5. Planning a trip mid June 2011. I think school gets out down there the end of May....? Anyone know if it will still be busy during the week then?
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