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  1. There's a pic here: The drop and all of the lower-level channel have been dismantled, the station is still standing.
  2. I was speaking to the foreman of the ride whilst at the park on Friday and asked him about this. He said there will be a catwalk on the right side of the lifthill. It was omitted from the renderings for clarity.
  3. Gold Striker was down yesterday. Not sure if it stayed down all day, I left mid-afternoon and it was still closed. Firefall has been down since last week. It's currently stuck in the halfway up position. Everything else was open yesterday.
  4. Could you provide a source for your information? Its on the park's Instagram page:
  5. Just booked my ticket for both days! Excited for my third West Coast Bash! Thanks for arranging what promises to be a super weekend.
  6. Worth noting that it is park policy that adults can not enter the park without children. However they do make exceptions for card-carrying members of recognized coaster clubs, so if you are planning on swinging by the park be sure to take your credentials if you a member of ACE/ClubTPR/etc.
  7. Kings Island already have some webcams from the same company on their site (https://www.visitkingsisland.com/online-fun/webcams-7315_34349), so perhaps this is a test for CGA?
  8. Was at the park on both Saturday and Sunday and didn't see either running, maybe I just missed them on Sunday though if they had re-opened by then. Thanks for clearing that up. Were they running all day?
  9. Still down. As were Tiki Twirl and Firefall all weekend too, sigh.
  10. Yep, I just got back from spending a couple of hours at the park after work tonight. Was surprised to see FD still closed, wonder what's the hold up in getting the ride-reopened. Park was really quiet. There was a rock band playing at the 50s gazebo for "Throwback Thursday". Was nice to see live music in the park, but maybe only half a dozen people watching. Wonder why the park doesn't really bother to promote things like this?
  11. Was closed all day Saturday and Sunday. Haven't been over to the park since then, but might head in tomorrow to see if it's reopened. Will report back if I do.
  12. In other CGA news, tonight the park previewed "40 Seasons of Summer" show, the second of their three big summer shows. The show is a musical trip down memory lane with favorite party songs from the four decades the park has been open set against the backdrop of the park's history, including an abundance of references to long-gone favorite rides that underscore just how passionate the team behind this show are about their park. I wasn't a huge fan of the Broadway show that ran in the same theatre for the past couple of seasons, and I was kind of expecting to see more of the same this year, but was instead really pleasantly surprised by both timeless choice of songs, spectacular staging and talented cast, and as a CGA fan I absolutely loved all the references to park history. Live entertainment at CGA continues to go from strength to strength, with a hugely passionate team of entertainment staff and performers. The current roster of summer shows are all worth checking out when you visit the park. The show kicks off with a wonderful rendition of the classic Marriot-era "Carousel Song". It really sets the tone of the show as being a loving tribute to the history of CGA, rather than just another generic rent-a-song variety show. Our master of ceremonies is Melvyn, a suitable coaster-boy character complete with park t-shirt and souvenir cup, and having ridden GoldStriker 5 times in a row! A huge LED video wall serves as the backdrop of the show. Apparently this is the first time any Cedar Fair park has used this technology in one of their shows. The cast of singers and dancers had boundless energy throughout the show. The 90s segment included a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek boyband number. An impromptu stage invasion occurred during the 90s segment (though this group of stage-invading "park guests" were actually comprised of the kids from the park's daytime Peanuts show). The final number started with an "In loving memory" segment in which classic rides of CGA past were highlighted, including Willard's Whizzer, Sky Whirl, Stealth and Invertigo. The cast take a well deserved bow after a great performance.
  13. At the park right now, apparently there has been a accident on Flight Deck. Word is that an employee was knocked from the platform by a train and has been hospitalized. Ride is closed. Two news choppers already circling low above the ride, though there can't be much for them to see in the dark, and tonight's fireworks display has been cancelled accordingly. Anybody seen anything about this on local Bay Area news sources?
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