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  1. CF isn't the only place looking like that. I really wish they'd take a year and pump some money into the existing park and refurbish a lot of it, especially Jukebox Junction. That place is looking rough.
  2. Looks like that picture is taking into account the upper train loop. Good to know that they're still planning on that expansion. But it also looks like they're going to go in the other direction eventually too. Back along the ridge towards MM.
  3. POV Teaser number three dropped tonight. This one has some good length to it. If you pause at 0:05, you can see the show building, which, if I'm looking at it right has two sets of tracks coming out of it. Possibly for the transfer? One track in, train slides over, launches out? I guess we'll find out more tomorrow! the video
  4. When do you think they'll release the renderings...? Home boy over here a class in 25 minutes...
  5. Dream more is one of Dolly's four key sayings... Dream More, Learn More, Care More, and Be More. She used them during her UT Commencement speech and has used them ever since.
  6. This is all at Dollywood if you look closely. It basically takes up the entire land between the parking lot and Thunderhead. The wooded ridge that's east of tram road and the parking lots, across the river. The cabins will be built all the way down the ridge all the way to tram stop F (Far left of the site plan)
  7. I'll just leave this here... http://www.bullocksmith.com/portfolio/cat8/project5.html
  8. My guess on location is somewhere off of Veterans Blvd. DW owns a lot of that land, even if it doesn't look like it. Anywhere else and I feel like they'd have to do some road construction.
  9. ^I agree, I think it could be the hotel. Maybe not on the site of AM, but somewhere else. What else could be their "Biggest Announcement Ever?" I really don't think that announcing a ride of any kind at this point with as little construction as we've seen will be their biggest ever. Plus, did anyone look at the URL? DestinationDollywood...? I think we might be seeing the announcement of the hotel/resort in a few days.
  10. My concern with the way you have things mapped out is that the steepest part of that access road, soon to be path, is the part that you left. Have you looked at the hill? There's no way that's ADA friendly. Only time will tell though.
  11. I'd like to see something like a fronteer town up in the train loop. I think it'd be really fitting since that part of the park would be kind of secluded. They could expand up there with a RMC as their major ride. I feel like that is more feasible. Small ride next year and then expanding into the train loop with a new RMC in 2015.
  12. What the heck have they changed in Blazing Fury!? Oh my God, the suspense is killing me!!!!
  13. Yellow could be another way to say Tan/Beige. That's what I'm thinking they're seeing.
  14. Maybe they're planning to eventually take out BF. I mean.... Yeah, it's a classic, but they took out the Log Flume.
  15. I'm still holding out for a Dark Ride. If they put another coaster in that area, that's literally all that that area from Thunder Head to Tennessee Tornado will have, Coasters. (Minus that evil water ride). If it is a coaster, I'd love to see a hybrid. Something like Verbolten/13.
  16. Hmmm, yeah, it's back up now. That was funny, it was down for a good 20 minutes. Oh well. I say a Launched Woodie. But then again, I love to dream.
  17. On the front page of ScreamScape, it looks like they posted something concerning the 2014 construction site. But when you click on the link, there's no new news on the DW page. Is it different for anyone else? Can anyone actually see what they said?
  18. But what are the City Walk Passes? Will they cover the cover to all of the clubs at City Walk?
  19. Hey, Guys, I've been a Member of TPR for a while now, but I usually just watch the conversations, never posting anything. But now, I have a question. A buddy and I are thinking of going to USO/IOA for Spring Break during the first week in March. We'll leave Nashville TN on Tuesday, the 5th of March and stay till the following Saturday, March 9th. We're going to get the 2 + 1 ticket deal, and are planning on doing IOA on day 1, USO day 2, and finish up at IOA on day 3. Now, here's the question. We're contemplating paying a little extra for a Vacation Package through USO which will give up an extra hour in the park, City Walk Passes, and transportation. However, after looking over the budget, if we book a cheap hotel on Hotels.com, we can save some money. So, are the passes/early admission worth it? Should we buy the package or split things up, get a hotel on Hotels.com and tickets at the park? Also, can you guys give us some tips on what to do whilst we're there? We're both 21 now (first SB that we can drink), and neither of us have been to USO/IOA since we were very young, so I'm sure things have changed. Much appreciated, guys!
  20. I'd like to see them use that area as a sit-down style restaurant. That end of the park is lacking one and that area would be Perfect!
  21. Was at the park today. From the parking lot I noticed that the ride was sticking out in three places. That's right, three. They're done with hill, loop, (not new news), but now they're mostly through with the Zero-G roll. They've got the actual roll done and they just have to finish the down hill part. Also, from Adventure mountain, you can see track piece laying behind the fence. One piece looks like the side of a loop....or immelman. They're going to have this thing finished by the weekend...
  22. ^Yeah, too bad the world's going down at the end of next year...
  23. Hey guys. I was looking around online the other day and foundthis picture. It's not mine, and I don't know whose it does belong to, so I can't give credit. Just thought you guys would enjoy it!
  24. I like Aunt Granny's because it's good and it's buffet, so it's all you care to eat. Always fills me up for the day with, like I said, good food! Only bad thing is the price is a bit steep. $16 a person. That's steep to me but I guess is pretty average for a theme park.
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