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  1. Hey guys, I'm thinking about visiting the park within the next few weekends, and was wondering if a flash pass would be needed for a Saturday in September? We will only be able to visit for one day, and would like to get on all of the coasters, as well as Lex. What do you suggest?
  2. I was later told that it ran fine all day yesterday, but this morning at opening they noticed something wrong with the ride. Not much info but that's all I could gather. Customers were really angry, constantly going to the entrance of the ride an complaining.
  3. At the park and Superman has been closed all day... The guests are not happy. The worker in front says it will hopefully open tomorrow.
  4. Quick question. If you are delayed at the top of Lex, do any operators let guests know through the speakers at the top of the tower, or do you just suddenly drop without notice? I should be visiting the park in September and look forward to getting on the new ride but being stuck up there freaks me out a bit.
  5. A facebook fan page of Six Flags Magic Mountain, known as SFMMcrazy, was going to visit the park this weekend and posted a picture of Superman running. Also, Ride Hopper says the line is about 90 minutes (although that can be adjusted by anyone in the park) so I believe Superman may be back up and running.
  6. I can't believe that local news stations are still covering the incident - KTVU Noon News just played the story again. They also said that the park was planning to make a statement on the ride's status sometime today.
  7. I was at the season pass preview event for Superman today. I got to the park around six this morning and there were not that many people there for the event. The longest I saw the line was two rows full of the lower switchbacks in front of the station building, which was about a 15 minute wait; however, it was almost a walk on at some times. I got 6 rides in overall today and rode the other major coasters and flats as well. It looked as if the Superman line was full after it's opening to the general public at noon, however the crew was really efficient with dispatches, and I don't think the waits will be too gruesome. Overall, the ride is a great and fun addition that was really needed for this park. It is a little short and can be quite forceful (mainly during the re-entries into the station from the vertical sections), but I really enjoyed it, and it looked as if all other guests were enjoying it as well.
  8. They announced a season pass holder preview event for Saturday morning from 6am until noon. Sounds like fun, I might attend.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't S:EFK to close for construction? I'm sorry if I missed something.
  10. Went to the park yesterday and had a blast. Got to the park at 10:30 and the entrance was packed. We waited for about 15 minutes to get our Gold Flash Pass, and we added X2 to it for 7:30pm. We started out at Scream, then made our way to Batman and Riddlers Revenge. It started to get hot, so we took a quick ride on Jet Stream, and noticed Ninja was stuck on it's brakes right above the water ride. By the time we got off, Ninja was fixed and we went and got a ride on that, then went to Apocolypse and Deja Vu (which ran all day without any noticable downtime). We went to Goliath and got a ride in, then took the orient express up to Samurai Summit for two rides on Superman and one ride on Tatsu. After that, we went shopping and walking for a while, then went to our X2 reservation. The line for that ride was well over 2 hours, extending across Baja Bridge. As always, it was an excellent ride, and well worth the 15$ per person. To finish the day, we took the flash pass back and got in line for Green Lantern at about 8:15, and the line was about an hour. That ride surprised me a lot. It really packs a punch for such a short ride, and actually made me cringe on the last dip into the station. All in all, it was a great day. It was absolutely PACKED, and the Flash Pass saved us. The only things we didn't get on were Colossus, Revolution, and Viper, which we easily had plenty of time to ride, but decided to take our time on the other ones, not to mention my sister had a big headache and was already doing a lot of other ones, and those ones in particular really hurt her.
  11. Visiting the mountain tomorrow, and might post my first ever trip report! Any tips? Is a Flashpass worth it? I'm not sure because although it's the off season, its still a Saturday, and they are having a concert.
  12. Hey guys, A few questions. I will be visiting the park this Saturday. Is it worth getting a Gold Flash Pass? Is X2's audio working? And other than the after hours on Sunday previously posted, is Deja Vu still operating for normal hours? I might try and attempt to go to the after hours event for Deja on Suday, the 18th, as that is my birthday. But I have a season pass for SFDK, not SFMM. Does that still work? Thanks.
  13. It's going to be really sad if it goes. I personally think that it's the second most intense ride in the park, right behind X2, and I remember at WCB they were talking about how well SFMM's maintenance crew has done with it, and that they are proud to still have it. I really hope this rumor is false, but I guess we will find out soon. I really wish they could just take the one from SFOG that was sent to Mirabilandia and has been sitting there for quite a while. Here's more info about it from screamscape: http://www.screamscape.com/html/mirabilandia.htm
  14. Anybody know if any rides go down for rehab in september? I will be visiting the park most likely on Saturday, September 17th, and will most likely be purchasing a Gold Flash Pass. I'm taking a friend from the bay area and really want to get on everything. Thanks.
  15. In my recent visits to the parks, most of the main coasters, if not all of them, have souviner cup holders in the station where you may leave those. The park has also been more lenient on the lock-er process. In my visit last week, they were letting you leave your shoes/hats by the drink holders, however not jackets. Also, keep in mind that many of the popular attractions still actually have free cubbies. Currently, V2, Boomerang, Sky Screamer, Tazmanian Devil, and probably a few others still have this free way to store your items while you board. I think that they are most strict about the lock-er policy on Roar. A little advice that works really well: say you are in the Medusa/Kong ride plaza, aka Oasis Plaza, and would like to ride both coasters and have a backpack or some large item that the park will not allow you to bring to the station. Well, the lock-re's last 2 hours, so you may use 1$ to store your items in the medusa or kong lock-ers, however ride both, even multiple times depending on the wait time. Good way to save some money. Hope this helped. Have fun!
  16. Sounds like you has a nice trip. Welcome to TPR haha Just curious, was X2's audio and fire effects working?
  17. I went on Tuesday, and perhaps the past times you visited Roar, it may have been only running one train. That ride seems to always be running 1 train, and last fright fest was a nightmare. The line was spilling out of the metal bars all the way past the whale ride towards the cars. We waited at least 1 hour, probably 1.5, but right around Sky Screamers opening is when they added the 2nd train. Since then, the waits have been very minimal. The crew was doing extremely well, dispatching the train in the station right when the other train reached the end brakes. Also, the park is advertising an "all new" fright fest event this year, and the promo video shown on the big screen by Pandemonium says it's supposed to be "scarier then ever". Anyone else know more?
  18. Went to the park today. Here's a short update. WAITS: Medusa: got to about 30 minutes at the peak of the day, but became a walk on before closing. Kong: did not ride as it's too rough for my taste, but only 2 rows of switchbacks were full all day. Was a walk on later too. Roar: about 15 minutes at the peak of the day, and was often only in the station. V2: barely going into the switchbacks. At the peak of the day, probably about 15 minutes. Tony Hawk: about 30-45 minutes constantly all day. Some important notes: *Boomerang remains closed for an unknown reason. *Sky Screamer remains closed as well, however there were two guys in the operating booth costantly all day, and they didn't look like they worked for the park. Guests also reported seeing it test once. *Hammerhead was closed as well, however many mechanics were on scene working on it later in the day. *Something is going on at the 3D theatre. There were boxes all along the entry path and employes wandering around back there that I could see in Tazmanian's line. Don't know any details though.
  19. Apparently both attractions at Six Flags St. Louis and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom are closed as precaution following a malfunction at Six Clags St. Louis. Check it out here: http://www.themeparktourist.com/news/20110725/4519/skyscreamer-rides-closed-six-flags-st-louis-and-discovery-kingdom-due-technical-f This blows. I was thinking about going to the park tomorrow.
  20. ^ I'm really looking forward to GL:FF next time I visit the park, which will most likely be at the beginning of august. Thanks for the report. I'm really sad to hear yet again that X2's audio is down, as it was just reported a few days ago that it was back! I truly hope all effects are running during my trip, as I will be taking people who have never experienced rides anything like these.
  21. Yesterday, I went to the park (a Friday), and it was relatively empty. I got there at about 3pm and headed straight for Roar, and the line was at most 5 minutes. Then waited 15 minutes for V2. Got on SkyScreamer which had about a 20 minute line all day, and closed a few times, probably due to the high winds. At the peak of the day, the line for Medusa was maybe 30 minutes, and 20 for Kong. Then went to Tazmanian Devil and waited about 10 minutes. At about 6 the line for boomerang was 15-20 minutes and got a ride on that. From 6:30-8, me and my friend went back and fourth from Roar to V2, and got about 7 rides on each of them. It was insane. Those lines were non-existent. And this was a Friday during summer. Also, it was about 70-75 degrees and both of the water rides had no lines all day. I could have gotten lucky, but I also went on Wednesday this week and it was even less crowded. I would say the best day to go is a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. And count on Sky Screamer to have the longest wait of the day, as it is new.
  22. Accordin to the Ride Hopper app, Tatsu has a wait time of 55 minutes entered almost an hour ago. I don't know if you can completely trust this, however, this may mean that Tatsu is back up and running! Can anyone confirm this?
  23. Harry Connick Jr. out of the station, and Metallica on the lift hill = icing on the cake for one of my favorite rides. I'm actually quite upset that a lot of park goers are reporting no audio on X2 - I do hope it gets fixed (at least on one train), or I'm assuming there will be a barrage of questions at WCB 2012. I understand the audio breaking on a wooden coaster - it was evidenced by only a year or so (actually less - from opening day in May, to WCB in March) of functionality; but x2, on the other hand, it's had audio, sporadically, for almost four years now. Come on SFMM.. don't let it go to the special effects graveyard.. it's already full with Termi's audio, fog machines, a lot of light fixtures from Riddler's queue (and the on-board photography from Riddler), plus countless other items. I cant agree more. X2 is a great coaster by itself, but I love being in line and hearing Enter Sandman as the trains would go up the lift. Besides the first drop, the audio was my favorite part of the ride. I really hope they fix it. Do you still hear the "X2" whisper in the station?
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