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  1. ^ If you're going to accuse me of not reading, you had darn well better read the post yourself. He said RARELY, not never. And since you've decided we can play the age card, I would think a 36 year old would be better at reading than a 23 year old


    Very rarely did the third train run


    And although it is possible that there was a third train, it seems weird that it was never seen in recent years. On Whizzer and Eagle, the other coasters that have extra trains, the trains are rotated every few years to give them more time for rehab. Iron Wolf on the other hand has been running Train 1 and Train 2 for as long as I can remember.

  2. A couple weeks ago the restraints wouldn't release on Revolution at SFGAm after the ride cycle. First they said they would have to cycle the ride again but too many people complained so we were stuck until the mechanics got there.


    I heard one of them say the ride op hadn't "parked" the ride properly. I thought that was automatic?

    To answer your question 6 years later, no it's not you have to hold the dispatch button until the ride comes all the way in.


    Revolution at SFGAm is a HUSS Frisbee. Once the ride cycle is started, it runs and parks itself. Also, for the original post, restraints not opening is a maintenance downtime. The ride should never be cycled again.

  3. Iron Wolf's trains are gone and a crane is poised for action in the maintenance area behind it.


    That is a crane that is owned by the park and has always been stored in that spot when not being used. I'm not sure of its size, but they will need another larger crane for at least the lift, drop, and loop.


    And those "X-Flight pieces" are the frame of a tent that used to be where Little Dipper is.

  4. I'm not sure if there is any truth to this at all... maybe just BS or boredom from the people I've talked to... but I've heard some people say that certain parks have experimented with different compound wheels in different temperatures (think of it like summer tires, winter tires). I've heard that soft compound wheels ride smoother and wear less on the track, but wear out too fast in summer, increasing wear, maintenance, and cost... I've heard that summer compounds are harder and run longer/wear better in the summer, but tend to give a rougher ride as the weather changes to cooler weather. Plus these would wear on the track much more in colder weather.


    That is true on at least B&M rides. The two types of wheels are polyurethane and nylon. During the summer months, the wheels are all polyurethane which are softer and run slower with a smoother ride. In the spring and fall, some are replaced with nylon which are harder and run faster, but deliver a slightly rougher ride. I don't know about the other rides, but on Bull, just the first two cars would get the nylon wheels during cold months.

  5. So, I have NL 1.8 now and had some issues after I upgraded, but got everything working again. Just now though, I downloaded a couple track packs and now I can't get the track packager (1.5) to work properly. It says it installs them, but I cant find the tracks anywhere. And when I try to change the NL root folder location, it acts like it changed it, but then when I try again, it goes right back to how it was before (which is NoLimits Coasters v1.6/update/v1.7/backup). For some reason, it will NOT stay set where I want it at just /NoLimits Coasters v1.6.

  6. Another update from the Cyber Cafe. I did a more detailed look around the area and found several more orange marks. I also figured out what they are currently doing in the Splashwater Falls pond. They are cutting out the metal guide rails with blow torches. I'll have some pictures up later tonight.


    EDIT: Pictures from today.


    Markings by the Arcade on the Pizza Luigi side


    Markings by RC Boats on the midway side


    Markings by RC Boats on the boats side


    Markings by the Dog Tags stand across the midway from RC Boats


    Markings in the Pizza Luigi eating area


    Maintenance using a blow torch to remove the metal guide rails from Splashwater Falls pond


    Current locations of markings. The red dots are actually pink, but red shows up better.

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