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  1. First things first, i'm sorry for bringing up an old topic.


    Secondly, this is still "Drew-B" however for some reason my password quit working, i emailed robb and an automated thing keeps sending me a preset password that doesn't seem to work. So, new account, say hello to TPR!


    Anyway, I finally got my car. After 3 deaths in the family, lots and lots of road trips to various family member's cities, funerals, being reunited with old family members, etc.


    I went with white with the tan interior. It looked better than black to me. The car is SUPER fun to drive, it's a lot sportier than my mom's civic. It came with an automatic transmission that you can tip into a manual mode and shift if you want. It has bluetooth phone calling, as well as bluetooth audio. I can stream music from my iPhone into my stereo wirelessly! I have a 6CD, 10-speaker Bose "centerpoint" audio system as well as a moonroof. I have 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels which look great. There are so many features to this car that I am just amazed with the value it has. I got the "s-sport" trim which is the second highest trim level out of 5, with this came fog lights, an upgraded 2.5 liter engine, electroluminescent gauges which stand out really well at night, a rear spoiler, dual chrome exhaust and a leather wrapped steering wheel with countless other features.


    There is a small screen in the "eyebrow" that you can set to give a constant readout of your current fuel economy. I notice myself getting an average of 27 in the city and probably 36 on the highway (way past the EPA estimates!!).


    At night, the car's interior lighting looks AMAZING, miles past the civic interior lights.


    I would HIGHLY recommend at least test driving one if you're considering a new car, you can get base model with tons of features for around 16K (MSRP), and get a top of the line model with all the packages and options for around 28K (MSRP)! It's a highly customizable car that is super fun to drive and handles amazingly.


    I know the car is really dirty and has bugs on the front, the Mazda dealership was 175 miles away from home.









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