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  1. I imagine many enthusiasts fixated on this point. Chase is off to a good start. Well, at least there is one 7 year old enthusiast who is! Sweet Frog has already promised Chase a large frozen yogurt on the house. Lucky little man! Plus, Kings Dominion is offering ACE members a healthier option for 2013 when it comes to Desserts! P.S. The park's Planet Snoopy web cam is back up. They have re-oriented the camera to a wider field of view. It appears to point in a south-easterly direction (camera mount near the bathroom building?). You can see volcano in the background to the upper left side and the old kiddie bump car building on the center right. this camera orientation will allow us to keep up with the construction/renovation of maybe 4-5 attractions. Course, the camera resolution is not the best. I assume the park spared no expense when it came to this camera. In my own opinion, there is no way to cover all the renovation and new construction in this area with one camera, it would take at least 2 and maybe 3 cameras to cover the whole area. Anyway we are fortunate to have one glimpse into the area.
  2. I think that Chase did a great job! It is not easy trying to describe a coming attraction, (Snoopy's Rocket Express for example), when all you have around you is piles of dirt, broken concrete, and brick pavers all around. Especially, when this is a type of ride that most of the people in this region have never seen or ridden before. I would have difficulty at my age doing that; and he is just 7 years old! For us theme/amusement park nerds, he gave a current count of the concrete round things (footers) and told us the legs (supports) will go on top. Showed us where the station will be located. Also, told us the location for the frozen yogurt shop and where Lucy's Rockin Tug Boat will go. Great update! I think it was nice of the park to let Chase be the 7 year old he is and let him tell it in his own words without forcing some sort scripted dialog down his throat. After all, this Planet Snoopy expansion is just for kids his age. As a side note, I thought Kings Dominion stated they will start taking delivery of the new rides starting the end of this week and continuing for the next 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. Hopefully, we will have new updates in the near future!
  3. I am confused, aren't you behind in the topic concerning Planet Snoopy at Cedar Point? I thought they were the first park in the Cedar Fair chain to refurbish and expand one of Cedar Point's Kids areas into a Planet Snoopy in 2008. This kicked off a domino effect of other Planet Snoopy expansions/refurbishments at other Cedar Fair parks (Dorney Park, Worlds of Fun, and Valleyfair in 2011 | Kings Dominion in 2013). I did not bother so much with the other Legacy Paramount Parks having to rename rides/attractions due to the end of the licensing of Hanna-Barberra and Nickelodeon intellectual properties with Cedar Fair. Or, are you expecting a second Planet Snoopy kids area at Cedar point? (Like Planet Snoopy I and Planet Snoopy II ?)
  4. More 2013 entertainment stuff for King Dominion: Another entertainment tidbit I came across was from MoonMaxx Productions face book site. On an entry dated Jan. 24th they had the Kings Dominion entertainment auditions listed. One was in New York city at the end of January and 2 audition dates at the Kings Dominion theater in February. But, what got my attention was a couple replies from MoonMaxx to an inquiry about the start of the show rehearsals. They stated that the pop music show and country music show rehearsals will begin March 15th. I assume that these 2 shows will be ready to perform opening day weekend. The thing that really caught my eye was the beginning rehearsal date, (June 1st), for the Broadway style show the park will be putting on this summer. This will be the first time Kings Dominion has produced a Broadway style show in over 21 years! These types of shows were last produced under the Taft/KECO years of ownership (1975-1992). I assume this show is only active for the prime summer season, (mid-June | mid-August), although it is possible this show could run through Labor Day weekend because of its late start date. Based on the 2013 entertainment information from Kings Dominion so far, they announced that the "Live" Show Offerings would increase from 6 productions in 2012 to 10 productions for the 2013 season. 7 shows will be new and 3 will be returning. Here were the 2012 entertainment offerings: 1) "All Access" | 50's/60's/70's - Pop/Rock Music Review 2) "Spin" | Current Pop/Top-40 Music Review 3) "Got Country" | Country Music Show 4) "Charlie Browns Pirate Adventure" | Kids Show 5) ""Peanuts Rocking Party" | Kids Show 6) "Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular" | Light & Sound Show 7) "Nights of Fire" | Fireworks Show 8) "Dinosaurs of the Patagonia" | 3D Movie 9) Daily Peanuts Character Meet & Greet So folks, the park spokesman said there were 6 "Live" shows in 2012. Which 3 entertainment offerings from above do not belong in the "Live" show column? And Should those 3 go under the "Attractions" category (As in Rides and Attractions)? Which 3 shows are returning for 2013? Here is a very rough draft of the entertainment offerings for 2013. Some of this is semi-confirmed based on some sleuthing on the Facebook sites of a few entertainment production companies, (Moon Maxx Productions and All Wheels Productions), that are assisting Kings Dominion in their 2013 entertainment offerings. The show locations and start dates are just my guesses. 1) Broadway Style Show [ Moon Maxx | Kings Dominion Theater? | Opening Mid-June? ] 2) Pop Music Show [ Moon Maxx | International Street Bandstand? | Opening Day? ] 3) Country Music Show [ Moon Maxx | Peanuts Showplace Amphitheater? | Opening Day? ] 4) BMX Bike Stunt Show [ All Wheels | Unknown | Unknown ] 5) Kids Show 1 [ In-House? | Unknown | Unknown ] 6) Kids Show 2 [ In-House? | Unknown | Unknown ] 7) Kids Show 3 [ In-House? | Unknown | Unknown ] 8) One of the bottom four offerings from the 2012 listing above ("Live" Show or an "Attraction") 9) Unknown [ Unknown | Unknown | Unknown ] 10) Unknown [ Unknown | Unknown | Unknown ] I feel confident that the first three 2012 music shows listed above are not returning in 2013 because they were produced at King Dominion for both the 2011 and 2012 seasons. The park did state that they were adding a 3rd Kids show this year due to the Planet Snoopy expansion (from the media day in September 2012). I have no idea if the other 2 kids shows from 2012 are returning for the 2013 season. The question is, what is the 9th and 10th "Live" show offerings for 2013? My guess is there will be one more music review like the former "Spin" show except it would feature some other genre of music (a specific type or from a specific time). Anyone have any suggestions based on any other Cedar Fair Park show offerings? The last "Live" show offering could be some type of roaming entertainment group, like the return of the clown band or a small acapella assemble. Any guesses here? Others have suggested a Magic show or a Cirque du Soleil style show. I think those are great ideas; but, those types of shows need some type of temp/permanent show facility to perform in. Kings Dominion currently has a shortage of show facilities and I have no idea where these could be performed. (KD lost 3 show amphitheaters during the Paramount years). Cedar Fair could build a new indoor theater for Kings Dominion like they did at Dorney Park 2-3 years ago. But, that takes some advance planning and some greenbacks to get that done and I don't see that happening for 2013.
  5. Here is what I found concerning a possible new show. I wrote this on another site and I am too lazy to type it all from scratch. New 2013 show semi-confirmed for Kings Dominion. While I was viewing other amusement related sites, I was referred to a company Facebook site that stated Kings Dominion will be getting a new BMX bike stunt show for 2013. This show will be returning to Cedar Point for 2013 and will be new for Dorney Park and Kings Dominion. This company also produced the show at Knotts Berry Farm and California's Great Adventure in the recent past (the show is not there for those parks for 2013). This show has cyclists, skateboarders, inline skaters, trampoline artists, acrobats, etc. You can see videos of the show at Cedar Point and Knotts. Course, I have no idea where this show can be performed at KD. Hopefully, full confirmation will come from Kings Dominion when they update the entertainment section of their web site. That usually happens in late February / early March http://www.facebook.com/allwheelsports?group_id=0
  6. Kings Dominion increasing the entertainment offerings for the 2013 season. In today's local Richmond, VA newspaper, there was an article noting Kings Dominion was hiring for the 2013 season and was looking to hire 4000 seasonal workers. This was an increase in the number of employees to be hired compared to the 2012 season. Also, in the article was an announcement that Kings Dominion was increasing the number of entertainment offerings from 6 shows in 2012 to 10 shows in 2013. I assume that the 3 main shows; "All Access", "Spin", and maybe "Got Country" are being replaced for this 2013 season. I believe that all 3 of these have run 2 years concurrently and are up for replacement. Then there are the 2 children shows from 2012 "Charlie Browns Pirate Adventure" and "Peanuts Rocking Party". I see them currently on the parks website, so I assume they are coming back in 2013. That leaves "Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular / Nights of Fire" as the sixth show from 2012? I have no idea if the park considers the Dinosaur Movie as an entertainment "show" offering. So that leaves 4 additional new entertainment offerings for 2013. I do know that the park was adding another children's show for 2013 due to the Planet Snoopy expansion. So that leaves 3 additional new shows. It will be interesting to see if these are actually "live shows" [singers, dancers, musicians, actors] or something like the Snoopy light show / fireworks events. TBD Here is the link to the full article: http://www.timesdispatch.com/business/economy/kings-dominion-to-hire-workers-for-season/article_839cc969-baa9-5aff-9332-4ba46dff8302.html
  7. Kings Dominion officially announced that 8 new rides are coming to Planet Snoopy in 2013 on their facebook page. They had a picture of the Snoopy Rocket elevated monorail ride on it. Kings Dominion Like This Page ยท 16 hours ago FACEBOOK EXCLUSIVE: Kings Dominion will unveil 8 NEW rides in the Bigger, Better Planet Snoopy next spring. Here's one of those rides, to be called "Snoopy's Rocket Express". It will be an aerial monorail ride, where four people from your family can enjoy the view high above Planet Snoopy together! http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/302718_10151133302241875_1317090145_n.jpg
  8. Planet Snoopy update on Kings Dominion's face book page (12 pictures). All of the pictures are of the removal and demolition of the outgoing attractions. http://www.facebook.com/kingsdominionva Warning: The pictures can be a little depressing for old farts like me. Some of these attractions have been at the park since it opened in 1975. I had to take a couple seconds to recognize the area where the tree swings were and demolition of Yogi's/Treasure cave (in progress) in a couple of the pictures! But, nothing lasts forever and change is good. I am excited, (and a little jealous), for the little ones and what they will be experiencing this coming spring.
  9. It could be that the yellow track is replacement track. There is also the possibility that the track, especially the final corkscrew is yellow for greater visibility. I thought that section of track was close to the maintenance bay section of the building, (where the large "do not block" door is located). It could be that the park wanted that section of track to stand out more to reduce the risk of collision if the park was using some sort of heavy equipment in the building (forklift, etc.)
  10. Busch always goes for the detail. Their haunt attractions are more where you are immersed into a particular theme. The only Haunt maze at KD that comes close is the "No Vacancy" maze. It is more about the haunted hotel theme than outright scares. Its different and I like it. But, I am not one of those folks who has to fill an adult depends diaper every time they go through a maze in order to feel they received their rightful share of scares. Speaking of shows, KD is using a new entertainment production company for their Halloween shows, at least for The Uprising and The Night Shift. It's called MoonMaxx and is based in the northeast. KD had been using Fancy Pants Productions out of Las Vegas for the last 3-4 seasons including this spring/summer. I believe Dorney was using FPP for a good while and got KD on the bandwagon initially. I think the shows this year are tighter and the quality of the performers is stronger. For example, ALL cast members in The Night Shift show sing during the performance. Busch just has a bigger budget to do large scale show productions with 12-18 member casts, elaborate costumes, sets, and lighting. Plus, they have a number of show facilities in the park to perform them in. Busch entertainment has been in the process of an upward spiral in overall show quality when KD's entertainment was going down the toilet during the Paramount years. Paramount wiped out the park chain's entertainment division and, in KD's case, eliminated 3 show facilities. Cedar Fair is trying to improve the entertainment at KD; but, they just don't have a strong track record in entertainment and don't have the budget to do what Busch does now.
  11. There is as much diversity in kids rides as there is in tween/teen/adult rides. What a 3-4 year old will ride will not be something a 7-8 year old will want to ride and vice-versa. Planet Snoopy core age group will be the 3 to 8 year old group. (Probably including 9 - 10 year old kids if they are on the timid side). It seem there will be a spread of rides to cover that age range. Saying the new stuff is for 5 and under is nonsense
  12. I think people take the marketing hype way too seriously. As others stated, some people put blinders on and only think in a very narrow, limited way. When the end result is outside of the lines they have drawn, then they get all bent out of shape. Planet Snoopy is a great thing for Kings Dominion and the families that will visit because of it. This expansion could very well bring in families that have small children who don't visit KD because of the old, out-dated kids section. This, in turn, could keep the families coming as the children grow older and migrate to the bigger rides. More money coming in now hopefully means new and better rides and attractions in the future for the tweens, teens, and adults. Kings Dominion stated at least 12 new and revamped rides. I assume KD has not finalized the new rides they are getting, so we don't have much information on those at this point. They did say the 3 existing Planet Snoopy rides will stay (Flying Ace, Moon Bounce, Driving School). Most of the revamped rides are located in the north-eastern corner of the kids section. The corvettes, 4x4 trucks, bi-planes, and Ghoster Coaster are getting the Planet Snoopy makeover. Taxi jam and the kiddie bump cars are getting a Planet Snoopy makeover as well. Boo Blasters is staying. Snoopy's splash dance is going away to be replaced with a fountain. not sure if this is a regular fountain or one of those pop jet fountains where you can run around and under the water. The new stuff. Based on the artist's rendition, (not the actual Planet Snoopy area schematics, just a drawing that depicts what the artist THINKS it will look like based on the current information the artist had to work with), as well as what was spoken about and/or shown in the video during the announcement: Teacups replacing the Tree swing (spoken about & in video) Kiddie train ride replacing Yogi's/Treasure cave (spoken about) Unknown ride replacing the Ranger hat circular ride. (???) Lay-down kite ride replacing the small circular car ride. (in video) Balloon ride replacing the space vehicle circular ride. (spoken about) Tugboat replacing the swinging ship. (in video) Elevated Monorail Ride - new addition (in video) So that give us 6 maybe 7 new rides. Keep in mind that the park could get maybe another 1 or 2 more rides above what is in the artist's drawing, spoken about or in the video from the announcement. Remember that the announcement stated at least that many new/ re-vamped attractions. Based on the previous history of other Cedar Fair parks that got the Planet Snoopy expansion/makeover, some of them received 1 or 2 extra rides over and above what was originally announced. Should be interesting to see how things eventually end up! ** Update ** I just read an article in our local Richmond, VA newspaper this morning that one of the new rides would be a scaled down version of the Drop Tower. This was quoted in the paper as coming from the parks general manager Pat Jones. I don't think that was discussed in the main announcement or in the video. I assume that ride is a "Frog Hopper"? (I think the other CF parks, with a Planet Snoopy, called it the "Kite Eating Tree"?). Not sure if the ride selection is still up in the air or if Kings Dominion is trying to keep some of the attractions a secret or surprise.
  13. The 1st weekend for the 2012 Halloween Haunt is just Friday the 28th (7:00pm-Midnight) and Saturday the 29th (10:30am - Midnight). Sunday the 30th is not a Haunt operation day; therefore the 8:00pm closing time (normal for early spring and early fall operations). For the rest of the 2012 Halloween Haunt season, all weekends in October, Kings Dominion will have the Halloween Haunt on Sundays. The operating hours for Sundays in October are (10:30am-10:00pm). The park has the same operating hours above for Friday and Saturday.
  14. As Chuck stated, KD had to get rid of the rest of the Hanna-Barberra and Nicklelodeon theming due to Cedar Fair not renewing the licensing for those intellectual properties starting in 2010. With the investment of I305 that year, the park did the minimum to change ride signage and ride vehicle decorations. The only "new" thing that year was the Snoopy moon-bounce and a makeover of the kid's gift shop from Nicklelodeon stuff to Peanuts merchandise. The whole kids area is way past overdue for a major overhaul and refurbishment. The Nicklelodeon addition was just the Space Surfer (Snoopy's Flying Ace) and the Rugrats Turnpike (Snoopy's Driving School). The last major redo of the kids area was in the mid-1980's.
  15. After watching the 2012 Haunt preview video, Kings Dominion certainly has taken things up a notch or two with this Halloween event. It appears they are going all out with the props for the new maze and the 2 new scare-zones. Hopefully, there will be another Haunt preview video before it starts the last weekend in September. I think KD shot the current video at the beginning of August. I also saw last years haunt preview video (2011) and they stated the Iron Works (steam-punk) scare-zone was to include new props for 2012. I thought KD said it was adding overhead girders/steam pipes to connect the central "Generator" with the light fixtures and scene shadow boxes for 2012. In honor of Chuck, they are adding 40 new fog machines throughout the park. I thought I heard Chuck mumbling about buying a personal radar to use to navigate around the park this fall.
  16. I'd love to be able to ride a Balder clone. Doubt I'll be going to Europe anytime again soon to ride it. Heck, if they don't want to even do that, get something like SFStL's American Thunder. That'd fit there too. Also, anyone else think that perhaps for next year that Ricochet may be moved to Planet Snoopy? They could then open up the area it's in now for a second waterpark entrance. I also think the current top part of Planet Snoopy (Flying Aces, water play area, and possibly Peanuts Showplace) should be moved to the Kidzville area or removed and that space opened up for when the park decides to get rid of Shockwave for a wingrider or something. I don't think you would need to relocate Ricochet to make way for a 2nd water park entrance. There already is a path between it and the Hurler that leads to a gate to the back stage area of that section of the park. the area behind that gate is where Kings Dominion staged the Nickelodeon parade to enter and exit. KD could simply remove the gate and transform the service road/staging area into a pedestrian walkway if they wanted to. The area where Snoopy's Flying Aces and Snoopy's Splash Dance is located had always been considered a part of the western border of the kids area (even before Nickelodeon under Paramount). I am not saying Kings Dominion could not change that. My guess is that area will stay as part of the kids area, possibly even be enhanced if KD goes forward with a Planet Snoopy expansion for 2013.
  17. I agree that Hurler was wonderful the first couple of years. I just don't understand how the ride experience went downhill so fast. That is why I wondered about the engineering of this coaster; if it was the lack of track maintenance or stretching out of the track maintenance schedule a little too much; or, if it was a combination of both. Hurler is certainly not a mini "Son of Beast". I think this has been well documented and discussed in the past about the tracking issues of PTC coaster trains. The shuffling tendencies were pretty bad on the Hurler in years past. I just did not enjoy the ride experience anymore. Combine that with the floor mounted lap bars in PTC trains and my experience with them in the previous post; it has now been 2-3 years since I last tried to ride the Hurler. I know KD brakes the ride at the base of the 1st drop; maybe that, along with new track work, has improved the ride experience since the last time I rode it. As I get older, I don't have the tolerance to endure some of the wooden coaster rides like I used to.
  18. The thing about older wooden coasters is that the older design of the train restraints gave you enough space to deal with the inherent roughness of the ride. I worked on the Rebel Yell at Kings Dominion back in the day when there was just a bench seat and a "Buzz" lap bar that pivoted at the top portion of the car. There was enough room around your body that every bump, rattle, and jerking motion did not get transferred to your body when riding. Riding a wooden coaster in PTC trains, with that type of restraint, was not bad at all. Plus, during the Taft/KECO years of ownership, the park really was proactive in maintaining the track each season. I remember one season where Kings Dominion shut one side of the Rebel Yell down in September and started a complete track overhaul where they literally used a saw to cut through sections of the track and used a crane to pull those sections off. That ended up leaving the vertical bents, (superstructure), exposed. They did that for both sides so the following season it felt like you were riding a new ride! The Grizzly was the first wooden coaster to get new PTC trains with the floor mounted individual lap bars with the seat divider (The Rebel Yell trains received the individual lap bars about 3-4 years after the Grizzly opened. The seat divider came along before the new lap bars were installed). I just feel that the new restraint system was put into the existing train design without much re-engineering on PTC's part. I am a tall person and I noticed that I could no longer sit in line with the rest of the train. I had to twist my lower part of my body so that I could pull down the lap bar. So now I have to ride with my body slightly twisted to one side. That did not enhance the ride experience nor having the individual lap bar so tight around my thighs and lap. Now, throw in a seat belt to deal with, and track maintenance spread out over longer periods of time due to budget constraints you can get a very uncomfortable ride. Then toss in a poorly engineered coaster design, (i.e. Hurler), where the track/bents gets somewhat out of alignment as time goes by; you really get an uncomfortable ride! Heck, I think Hurler has more steel in some sections of track than wood! Hopefully, parks chains, especially Cedar Fair, are leaving the era of bad wooden coaster design/engineering/trains and using new wooden coaster designers and trains (i.e. Prowler and the new upcoming CGA coaster) that provide a more comfortable, enjoyable riding experience.
  19. My guess as to why Kings Dominion did not do a full Planet Snoopy makeover in 2010 or 2011 is that they just spent 25 million dollars on a NASCAR themed roller coaster that year. Cedar Fair did not renew the Nickelodeon / Hanna-Barbera license agreement for the 2010 season and all of the theming related to both had to be removed. Kings Dominion did the minimum required that year to eliminate those names and related characters by changing out the ride signage and ride vehicle decorations. Those rides that were impacted got a new Snoopy related name and theme. I've stated here and on other sites that the most likely candidate for the new 2013 attraction would be a full Planet Snoopy expansion/renovation of the kid's area. I been posting my thoughts on this for the last 4-5 months before this teaser came out. I also stated in previous postings that a water park expansion/renovation could be the "Dark Horse" as far as possibilities go in the near future (2013 to 2015) for the new attraction for KD. We will have the answer for what is in store for 2013 in about 4-5 weeks.
  20. Everyone will read into that teaser what they want it to be. I just think that KD needs to refresh and expand the kid's area. The last time anything major happened was in the mid-90's ('94 or '95) when Paramount brought in Nickelodeon. There were 3 Nick related attractions [Nickelodeon name / Cedar Fair name], (Space Surfer / Snoopy's Flying Ace | Rugrat's Turnpike / Snoopy's Driving School | Slime Zone / Snoopy's Splash Dance), that were added at that time. It was about 10-11 years prior to Nick coming along that the kid's area received the last expansion in the early to mid-80's (Before Paramount - '84?). Now, it has been 16-17 years since any major revamp of the kid's area was done. I just feel that the kids deserve a "New and Improved" area to ride and play in. Cedar Fair has done a nice job with the other Planet Snoopy areas that were expanded/revamped over the last 3-4 years. I can see KD add up to 10-12 new rides in that section. I look at the rocket as going to "Planet Snoopy". If this goes forward as the new 2013 attraction, I wonder what existing rides Kings Dominion will keep and which they will get rid of. I can see them keeping the major attractions, (Boo Blasters, Ghoster Coaster, Snoopy's Flying Ace, Snoopy's Driving School). Maybe they will still keep Taxi jam, the kiddy bump cars, and Snoopy's Splash Dance as well. Any of the other small flat rides could be on the chopping block though. Plus, I could see Kings Dominion use the existing space in that area in a more efficient manner. There are a lot of gaps between existing attractions that could be filled in with new rides and have a better flow of the people walking around and through that area. With the picture in the previous post above, you can see that there are many open areas still available to add new rides and attractions; in addition to using the space where the existing rides are located. There is a good chunk of space between Snoopy's Flying Ace ride (ride on far left of the picture) and Snoopy's Splash Dance water play area (attraction above the large circular show amphitheater on the left side of the photo). That could hold another medium size ride or two smaller rides. I always thought Snoopy's Flying Ace ride was sort of isolated from the rest of the Kid's area. Anyway, We shall find out in about 6 weeks from now.
  21. I am sticking to my prediction that this will be the kid's area expansion and renovation for 2013. It is way past due for this to happen. If KD goes forward with this as the 2013 addition, I think a true, unified Planet Snoopy area will be great for Kings Dominion. Get them in the park at an early age and usually they keep coming back year after year. BGW added the Sesame Street Kids Area in 2011 and that was a big hit for visitors with toddlers to kindergarten age. I think they still have "Land of the Dragons" section and the kid's rides in the Fiesta Italian section for the older kids. I don't think it would take that much more to create a "Record Breaking" kids area in the mid-Atlantic region. Most of the other Planet Snoopy expansions/renovations carried out at several of the other Cedar Fair parks, over the last 3-4 years, added 7 to 9 new rides plus a whole revamped area with new paths and amenities. I think that the new rides will cater to the broadest spectrum of people possible. It is too easy to lump all "Kiddie" rides into one category. What a 3-4 year old will ride will certainly not be the rides a 7-8 year old would want to ride and vice-versa. So I hope they will have everything from the "mild" to slightly "wild" family rides. Finally, I have a hard time imagining that this announcement is for a "major thrill ride" given the "countdown" does not start till mid-September. I have noticed for the non "Block Buster" attraction years, the announcements for next season's attractions usually come later in the current season.
  22. Folks, Keep in mind that it appears this person had a medical issue while on the ride (before, during, or after - we don't know and probably won't know). I can't fathom a mechanical reason on the ride that would cause ONE person to loose consciousness and everyone else on the train was fine. Most rides, especially thrill rides, exert forces on the body that is above the "normal" range a person experiences in everyday life. But, even then, there are world-wide standards that limit the maximum forces, and the duration of those forces, a human body can experience. I believe that almost ALL ride manufacturers currently adhere to those limits (and don't come anywhere near the ride force limits in their ride designs). There are some people that have pre-existing medical conditions that prevent them from riding extreme thrill rides. The forces are too much for their bodies and can cause adverse medical conditions if they rode. That is why there are signs at each ride entrance stating you must be in "good health" to ride and to NOT ride if you have any of the medical conditions listed on that sign. Even then, there are people that know they have medical issues and go ahead and ride anyway; taking a chance that the ride won't affect them. Maybe they beat the odds and maybe they are "dead" wrong. Sadly, there are some people that have UNKNOWN pre-existing medical conditions and ride something that triggers an adverse medical issue. The strong forces of the ride trigger symptoms that are hidden from the person in normal day-to-day activities. I feel the ride shutdown is part of the normal investigation procedure to rule out ride malfunction or operator error in this incident.
  23. Concerning the incidents on Intamin's Drop Towers, were not most of these accidents on older design/model versions? Seems to me that those accidents happened on those models where the sectional ride carriages/seats are attached right against the tower itself with the lift/counterweight cables exposed above and below (referencing the horrible incident involving the girl and the severed limb). As far as the seat restraints go, it appears that those were issues with certain models manufactured during a certain time frame as well. I have never heard of any major issues/incidents with the newer versions of Intamin's drop towers like the carousel style ride carriages at KI (gyro version) and KD (stationary version). On those models, the seats are 12-15 feet away from the tower itself, and the counterweight cables are inside the tower. I assume the seat/restraints are more reliable as well. As far as Seas World/Busch Gardens corporate having a grudge against Intamin, why would they have allowed BGT to let Intamin create their new coaster a couple of years ago?
  24. KD has given a little sneak peak on their Facebook page of one of the 2 new mazes for Halloween Haunt 2012. It appears to have a hotel theme and is located within one of the Action theaters. Someone stated on KD's face book page that Dorney Park had a similar maze in 2011. Should be an interesting Halloween season. link-http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150914556991875&set=a.180141141874.131348.32237381874&type=1&relevant_count=1
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