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  1. I was just hoping... I want a day of disneyland with little crowds... Can't we just imagine?
  2. Trailered 2-Seat Track Length: 3500FT HD VERSION:
  3. As I do have an AP to disneyland. There really isn't a good day. It'll almost always be packed. If possible, plan ahead and utilize the FAST PASS where available. Don't quote me on this. but I think 4/3 would be ok for disneyland, maybe. That's when the iPad comes out and with the current rumors that it may be hotter than the iPhone. Mostly everyone may all be at an apple store. And as said earlier, 4/2 & 4/3 all AP's except the Premium are blocked out.
  4. I would get one if I was able to fly for free and had places to stay... I live near Disneyland so that wouldn't cost anything big to get there... but to disneyworld I would have to fly and that would cost a few hundred. Why is disneyworld so far away? They should all the cards GOLD.
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