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  1. Please have a great time- watch out for the rain- due around 4:00. I am a Whataburger fan as well, enjoy! Welcome to Texas! Don't miss Casa Magnetica- it's a limited time offering.
  2. >>> Tommy G Robertson was SFOMA's Park first Director of maintenance. My Dad was Maintenance Manager under Tommy. In 1977 Tommy moved to Great Adventure after the acquisition of that Park. In the 80's Tommy moved back and was promoted to VP. Tommy just died about 6 months (?) ago. Tommy was loved by his employees. My Dad was promoted to DOM and New Construction after Tommy left. Dad and Tommy worked together on Screamin Eagle. That is how I got to ride Train #2 from the station on first run and how I met Mr. Cobb and Mr. Allen. I have a picture (somewhere) of the Eureka on the flat bed trailer when it arrived in 71. The green train was named Lil' Rock. My first year at SFOMA I lubricated the Train(s) every other day. Learned a lot about Propane fueled steam driven Trains. Good days!
  3. I have a picture of my Dad painting the Tamales on the Train route from 1965. I do not remember what year they moved them. I am trying to find the picture- it is kind of cool to see them from 56 years ago. Since my Dad and Uncle worked there starting in 61- I went to the Park a lot as a kid. I miss the Tree Slides, Skull Island, the daily spy execution, Speelunkers Cave and such. Times must change. Anything to give this park a good scrubbing and fresh look would be greatly appreciated. If my Dad was still around He would have said- either replace it. paint it or pull it out. That was 1960 through 1980's thinking at SF. I think He would be mostly appalled now. I forgot about El Chicos and Nailers Fried Chicken.... I do miss those! My point is- fix it up- tear it it out- just make it look cared for and fresh!
  4. I believe that Cedar fair is being given WAY too much credit on this thread. Cedar point is a nice park but everything CF touches just seems to me to be "souless" and stark. IMHO. I really doubt that any of this will happen. It is much more likely that SF will emerge with the original restructuring plan and that CF will vote down the Apollo bid. When SF emerges from bankruptcy- it will be interesting to see how they handle things when they are not strapped for cash. I expect things to improve greatly.
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