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  1. This morning I stumbled upon the world of podcasts. My life has not changed but I definitely do feel that I have found some great background noise while working on the boring stuff. 'This American Life' probably the most popular podcast on the web released an episode about amusement parks, specifically a games manager from Worlds of Fun and then some other funny stories from other parks. Click here to check out this really interesting episode about a part of an amusement park that we roller coaster enthusiasts don't think about enough. Do any of you know other podcasts related to the amusement industry that you appreciate? Maybe a specific episode that you have really enjoyed? I hope so because I really need more to listen to.
  2. Click here to read all about it. I'm really excited to see this place grow and expand. I think a flume ride would be an excellent choice for a future addition.
  3. Very odd/creepy post coming... but I am in the library and this kid in front of me who is a foreign exchange student has his iPad out. What is his background display? Freakin Hard Rock Park. He is with a girl, there is a large body of water in the foreground, and a giant guitar in the background. I suddenly felt a little sad that I never got to go to this park. It just looks so cool. Besides telling you about my not doing homework sidetracks, I wanted to mention that some people went to this park. People who weren't even from this country. Was it the locals that were the problem?
  4. I am okay with jello at neither parks. I was at Ariel's Grotto (don't ask why) and I remember an appetizer being jello with fruit inside. Jello should never be an option at a restaurant and what they served is a desert not appetizer in my opinion. Now I know that the food is catering for little girls... but that thought is where things got weird for me. See another option on the appetizer platter were carrots with an olive stuck on to the end of each, which resembled, well, you know... Not complaining just saying.
  5. I'm against it for a the following reasons. 1) I did not like the version in Florida. It was small, cramped, and the offerings were disappointing. Forbidden Journey is not even close to my top rides. Too confusing, jerky, and fast-paced. I would take Indiana Jones, Spiderman, or the Haunted Mansion any day. Hollywood being already a small space, I'm sure this problem won't be addressed. 2) I know the park has some dead spots but at least there is a weird variety to it. Having a whole section dedicated to just one movie would be weird for this park. It's not like Disneyland or Islands of Adventure that has distinct lands. The way I see it the park would turn into Harry Potter land and the rest of the park. 3) Just in general, I'm not into this whole trend of dedicating a whole land just to one movie. It started with "a bugs land" then Wizarding World and now Carsland. Something about this idea seems wrong to me for a theme park. If this trend continues I see parks just turning into big movie lands. Maybe that's what theme parks have been with the disguise of lands but at least this way not all spots of creativity are shut out.
  6. Superman's change to me doesn't seem like something that would bring a huge rise in attendance. Sure the experience is a little different It is more like an upgrade to the park, kind of like a new restaurant or the new versions of Tower of Terror. Not going to run to the park just to ride but if I'm already at the park I will definitely check it out. I think where we'll see some increase in attendance is in the opening of the Green Lantern: First Flight. Though even with this ride I'm wondering what will happen because as awesome the ride is, I don't understand why Six Flags put it in the one park in the country that already has a ride which has winged rotating seats (X2). Will the general public see at as something new? On a side note, I do like the name for the ride. The addition of First Flight makes me think that Six Flags put a little thought into how to connect the ride to the character. My interpretation is that the first flight is so noob for Green Lantern that there's no control and it's a little crazy. Thoughts?
  7. This park is dead to me. I know I'm not adding anything that hasn't been said before but I just had to say it. At least to add ANOTHER person to the long list of people who feel the same. Flight Deck (the only good coaster in the park) is not enough of a reason to spend my money there. I'd rather go to Waterworld in Concord where at least I am guaranteed at least half a days worth of fun... and I don't even like water parks! Even if CGA adds a woodie next year, I still don't think that's enough for this park to be able to survive. Discover Kingdom has a woodie, an SLC, a floorless, and an impulse! CGA lost it's charm a while ago, now they are losing their coasters, and I can't think of anything that else that is left. There is nothing that makes this park special to me.
  8. I love the layout for this coaster because it feels like the designers researched the behaviors of a cheetah and tried to bring them into the design. The "tower" resembles the type of tree you'd find a cheetah stalking the ground below in. And the way the launch is set up facing the tower/tree makes it seem like the cheetah is jumping into it. So far so awesome!
  9. Screamscape reports that the Madagascar ride won't open "June or possibly July." While that is kind of sad news, it makes me wonder how elaborate this ride is going to be. Their version of the Mummy is said also by Screamscape to be the "best version yet." Getting really excited to hear more and more about this park as it opens
  10. More screen testing. And it's looking super impressive! Too bad that Screamin' definitely looks like it'll be closing during the show, with all of the lights off. Though Golden Zephyr will probably open (as long as there is not the slightest bit of wind to close it). Photos from the user "wideeyedwonder" on DisBoards.
  11. And now for some new vids! The Battlestar Galactica one shows lots of blue testing AND a roll-back on the red side! Blue is still looking like it is crawling through the course and the video doesn't look to be too old! At least the dueling elements won't whizz by like they do on Dragons. The other one is of Jurassic Park testing. I think this is the part of the ride when the flash flood has just arrived and the tour is just going bad. You can see the flooded and control tower and the beginning of the choppy water!
  12. General park update. My apologies if any of these have been posted before. Doesn't hurt to take a second look at this park though. I think that for its size, it definitely has a unique and diversified attraction line-up! And the detail going into them is impressive. Opening does not look too far away! I can't wait. No pictures of Hollywood but I can't imagine it being that different from what we are already used to at a Universal park. The new take on the Jurassic Park ride has my interest! Check out Sentosa Blog Spot if you crave even more pictures. New York Ancient Egypt Sci Fi City
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