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  1. from June 2nd- June 5th at Cedar Point and probably.....yikes I have no idea! probably wicked twister?
  2. ^haha but I think that Six Flags needs anything they can get that is "unique" or ground-breaking in order to attract more visitors, and some six flags do have vacant buildings or simulators that just are no fun anymore so I think this is exciting news.
  3. Regardless of the fighting above, I think that anything that makes a park better is something we should all be happy about and I for one am certainly excited to see it. It might not be worth me visiting in the near future, but when I go there next I will definitely stick around to see it.
  4. Those two coasters are interesting to watch in the videos but something does indeed seem off about their dueling, but it is just preliminary testing and this problem (even though it isn't much of a problem) will probably be addressed closer to opening.
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