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  1. Yes, that's how it will work. Think of it like being the monorail from MK to Epcot. You need a ticket to get in. There is no monorail line that goes from the Magic Kingdom Park to EPCOT. But there are two lines that go from the Magic Kingdom Park to the Ticket & Transportation Center and then another separate monorail line that goes from the Ticket & Transportation to EPCOT and back. I think out of all people, Robb knows. It doesn't have to get all technical.
  2. Had a great time participating in these past two shoots, really a great time! White Lightning really hauls and is definitely a gem. Anyone notice that the lightning bolt on the side is actually black? Can't wait to see how the themed fronts and graphics look! IT'S HUGE!
  3. I really have to upgrade my annual pass to include Aquatica, looks awesome!
  4. jds03 's logo is amazing. Add that to n7's design, and you'll have a hell of a card.
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