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  1. Thanks for all of your comments guys it really motivates me. And here is atm.2 ATM2.DAT
  2. I dont really like it either, but it's the easiest way to fit the MCBR with enough space to do the turn leading into the corkscrew afterwards. And with Serpents station it was originally going to be an underground kind of swampy theme, but I figured a giant serpent head screaming at everyone would appeal to the guests more.
  3. Iron Hawk. If it were real it would probaly be my favorite coaster. Its a beatiful and fun coaster. SCR19.BMP
  4. Both TT and WW. I bought the The Triple Thrill Pack so I have to have them. Do you want more teasers?
  5. Well ive noticed that ive been posting topics and not finishing the park and I hate when other people do that so Im going to stop. Anyway, this is Six Flags Island Adventure and like the heading, this is one, or THE best park ive ever made. Im only posting 3 random screens, but trust me there is WAAAAY more to the park including a variety of more coasters,shops,and everything a Six Flags park needs. Enjoy and leave comments! MOD EDIT: Please read the Terms of Service, the Posting Rules, and the Game Forum Etiquette threads before posting again. SCR26.BMP The parks first ride Maniac Mines, along with Twister and Serpents lift. SCR28.BMP Check out the Serpent on Serpents Station! SCR27.BMP Serpent, a B&M floorless Six Flags Island Adventure.SV6
  6. Im talking about the Son of Beast Trainer. Have you heard of it?
  7. I really need help with this. I downloaded the SoB trainer a long time ago, and I have never been able to get the entrance and exit sinking right. I get to the part where both huts are all the way underground, but guests cannot enter the ride! I build a queue going to where the entrance should be, yet guests just walk into the line then walk away like nothings there. Please help me and tell me what im doing wrong, or tell me what im forgetting to do. I will inspired to finish more parks once i learn how to do this, so please please help me.
  8. Sadly, it is already 256x256. What im probably going to do is completely start over, but im not going to put the streets in and all the open space at the front of the park. And also, in this park i made sections a little more spread out than they really are such as the walkway to Baja Ridge and the walkway going under X2's queue line is a lot longer than it should be, so without making uneeded space, I think i could fit the whole park in one map.
  9. Dont worry, ill add the little details later. Right now im just trying to figure out how im going to complete this park.
  10. Aw man i was hoping it wouldnt come to that but i guess i have no other choice Anyway im going to Florida tomorrow to visit Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Orlando so i wont have a new update for about 4 days. See you in a little bit Themeparkreview!
  11. Look closely at that spot. The helix is there. In real life, the helix is completely hidden from the path, so i tried to make that here, and it worked.
  12. I have finished Rapids Camp Crossing, but have encountered a MAJOR MAJOR problem which i will tell you about in the picture descriton. SCR25.BMP Overview of the completed park. Here is the devastating problem, look at how much room there is between Sky Tower and the edge of the map. I still have to do all of Samuri Summit and Psyclone Bay and i know i cant fit everything i need to, including coasters. What should i do? SCR24.BMP SCR23.BMP SCR22.BMP SCR21.BMP Revolution
  13. Really? It seemed pretty accurate to me. I dont see any extra dips or rises, please tell me which part u think has to much.
  14. No not really, I study pictures of each ride while im making it so i make every support like i see it, or as accurate Rct2 will let me. The only noticable part to me is after the first loop, the supports under the rurnaround should have a beam connecting all them and i did try that, but it looked bad and not like the real thing at all so i just stuck with it like that.
  15. i Know Dbru, but when i tried to do it foward it just went right off the track
  16. Afer returning from SFMM a couple days ago, I wanted to Recreate it really bad. Im nowhere close to done, but i know im going to finish this project. Please leave comments on what you think so i could know what to try to improve on. SCR18.BMP Viper Overview SCR17.BMP X2 Overview SCR16.BMP X2 Station SCR15.BMP Vipers Station SCR14.BMP Entry to X2 SCR13.BMP Flags, Lockers and Grand Carousel SCR12.BMP Six Flags Plaza SCR11.BMP Ticket Booths
  17. Here is the download, have fun and i would like to see people finish the park. Woodland Park.SV6
  18. Everyone, im sorry to say that ive lost complete intrest in this park, so im giving up on it Anyway if you want me to put up what ive made so far for download let me know and i will. Good news is, im starting on a massive recreation of SFMM that i know im going to finish. I will start a new topic on it when i complete more of it.
  19. Woodland Park has added yet another big thrill ride, Zues. Zues is the greek god who is the son of Chronus, so i made this ride a sort of milder version of Chronus. Zues is a B&M Dive machine. SCR10.BMP
  20. Hmm i never noticed that but I see where you can get that from. Believe it or not, this ride took me a total of 3 days to perfect it. I had to deal with a lot of error trappers (gods punishment) and this ride has 8 hacks on it so its very complicated to re-arrange any of it, and believe me this is not my first version of this ride. Anyway, thanks for the compliments i think this ride came out looking great also. Other comments would be motivational
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