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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, i give you, Chronus! Woodland Parks newest thrill ride. Prepare yourself to be lifted up at 90 degrees to 140ft then dropped the same way you came up, straight down! Chronus is filled with twists, turns, drops and 2 inversions including a 95ft cobra roll and a 65ft vertical loop. SCR7.BMP The 140ft Vertical lift and drop hill. SCR8.BMP Overview of Chronus
  2. Thanks for your positive comments guys, it really keeps me motivated Anyway, i just returned from Six Flags Magic Mountain for the billionth time while i was there i got this huge jolt of inspiration and ive never wanted to play Rct2 more. I will have more teasers up tonight.
  3. This is the newest ride of Cartoon Canyon, that i cannot think of a name for. Any suggestions? SCR5.BMP
  4. The Park is coming along great. SCR6.BMP Cartoon Canyon is officialy finished.
  5. Well i'm new to this site, but not Rct2. Recently getting back into the game, i decided to leave the old site i was at and begin new here. And what better way to build a brand new theme park for my start. Im not finished yet, but i will post teasers until i am. This is Woodland Park, not really inspired by anything but imagination. Hope you enjoy and leave comments. SCR1.BMP Entrance to Woodland Park SCR2.BMP Building on Main Street SCR3.BMP Entrance to Cartoon Canyon (kids area) SCR4.BMP Entry Plaze in Cartoon Canyon
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