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  1. Wow, okay went to the park Friday night for a corporate event. I used to go to the park once a week, but was getting a bit bored of some of their attractions. Took a two year hiatus and skipped the debut of full throttle, but made it for twisted colossus last year. New Revolution My goodness, what a much better ride without the OTSR and trims. I grew up with the OSTR and trims, so this felt like a new ride to me. It still isn't all that amazing.. but felt much smoother and better paced. The VR was pretty neat, but the single rider queue to the front row was totally legit and the ride made me feel oh so happy on the way off. Twisted Colossus Yes, I pretty much love this ride at the moment. I've only had the chance to ride it 5 times over two visits, but it's such a rush each time and makes me laugh while tossing, turning, and popping all over. Such a great addition to the park. Full Throttle I really wish this was faster, forceful, and of course longer. It does feel like a wasted opportunity, but I can understand what they were trying to do. Overall, my opinion of the park is pretty good. They've really started making some right decisions after the addition of apocalypse. There are a lot more "Good - Superb/Excellent operators" than there used to be.. but there were a few attractions where you start to wonder how long before an accident happens. Don't forget to grab a funnel cake on the way out.. ice cream on the side.
  2. FYI Disney Anaheim has begun cracking down on Fastpass return times since February of 2013... Your mileage may vary depending on the CM.
  3. Man... I wish they still had the larger airtime hill after the second drop. Looks like they were getting a nice pop of airtime. These days that hill just gives you some floater time.
  4. Honestly, I wish they would fix the problems with it and sell it to SFMM to replace tidal wave.
  5. reprofile Goliath! just add a few bunny hills with a turn around and reconnect it to the mcbr. win-win.
  6. Are you hinting at an aquatrax or journey to atlantis type ride? Or simply SEFK?
  7. Yeah Micechat gets way out of hand to where rational thought can be extremely hard to come by. However, I do find some of the daft responses amusing in a weap for humanity sort of way. We're lucky we have admins not afraid of calling people out.
  8. I sadly find California Screamin more re-rideable than most of the coasters at SFMM. It isn't very intense but its just an overall well rounded package. I'd love for revolution to be reprofiled into something faster and smoother as it could be a turned into a truly great ride. I too will be happy if the ride is a gimmick in addition to a nice long coaster around the mountain.
  9. Yeah that is true about the history of knott's. We don't care for the chicken but because the fact it is "The Mrs Knotts" we still go there... I believe the subsidized-esque price helps the turnstiles keep turning for the famous chicken dinner experience.
  10. Actually, Disneyland's fried chicken is very well done compared to Mrs. Knotts. Heck KFC, Popeyes, Dukes, Yellow Basket, Ralphs, Vons, Albertsons, Stater Brothers, and etc is better than Mrs Knotts. Mrs. Knotts to needs to change the recipe to include a brine to soften them up. The dark meat is decent but the breast is the challenge and thats where they fail along with most of their sides. But yes... the bisquits and pie is worth the chicken dinner price.
  11. just for that they'll make a record breaking looping coaster... with the already stated largest loop.
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