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  1. Great TR, Derek. We may have been there the same day! Were you there on Saturday the 27th? Lagoon is my home park, and this TR really did a good job showing what a fantastic, unique park we have here. Yes, it doesn't have a major, large coaster (something that local coaster enthusiasts have been hoping for for quite a long time...) but the fact that it has a Schwarzkopf looper, a classic wooden coaster, and some smaller footprint newer coasters that are still loads of fun, and pack a punch - we really don't have a lot to complain about. Wicked is one of the best "smaller" coasters I've
  2. I appreciate Myst3Exile's post, and the related responses. I'm a first-time poster, but frequent visitor to the site as I enjoy seeing the pictures and TR's. I visit SoCal at least once a year with my wife's family, and we typically make the DLR a priority... however once every five years or so, I am able to talk my wife into taking a day off from the beach and going with my bro's-in-law to SFMM. This year will be a first for me - I'm taking my daughter. She is barely 48 inches tall (and just rode Ca. Screamin' for the first time a couple of weeks ago), but can now ride about ha
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