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  1. Jew, You are by far one of my most favorite people on the Planet. I hope that one day I get to meet you, and then we can go on insulting everyone we see at theme parks. Myself and WRS28330 having been doing this for years. And I am sure that everyone makes fun of everyone, most people just do it silently or in their head. The only difference is that an Insane Arkham Asylum Clown, has done it to someones face. I guess no one remembers Chucky's Insult Comedy show. I guess Chucky is dead at last. Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest, is still one of the Best Halloween events in SoCal. --F
  2. Great post, hope the rest of the trip is just as good. Keep posting pictures I want to see more. More pictures of "Dylan the Sun"! -FLS32224
  3. Wow, LOL. Do you remember what he looked like? Sorry If I'm asking to many questions, but this is really peeking my interest.
  4. I am very sorry you had this type of experience with the walk around's. (What area were you in when it was said to you and your friend?) Just so you know our walk around talent gets verbally harassed by Guests all night, so its very easy for them to get mad and rude at park guest right back at even the slightest remark. Its not your fault at all, but they are people just like you and me, and trust me when I say that after a long night of dealing with teenagers, Its very easy to be rude to everyone. And yes the guards are just they're to make sure that guest aren't assaulting the ghouls, they won't do anything else. Again I am sorry you had this experience and visit the park again soon.
  5. 2 Shows this year for Fright Fest. "Dr. Frights CarnEvil" and "Off with your headl". One show is on the out door stage of Golden Bear, called High Sierra Stage. The other show is on the outdoor stage right in front of the DC Universe Arch. No shows will be in the entrance plaza, and no traveling shows on the midway. If you have any more questions they have posted all of the info on their Fright Fest website. http://frightfest.sixflags.com/magicmountain
  6. What an Awesome Event they put on this year! I was there last night as well, but I couldn't meet up with you guys. Front of the Line is Definitely worth every penny, and Bill and Ted's was just as good as last year, And there was a whole lot more nudity. And was it just me or were there a ton of kids at the park this year?!?!
  7. As far as the FOTL pass is concerned, last year when I went as a VIP, they gave us lanyards with the giant pass on it, and every time you went through a maze they would hole punch it. I did every maze twice last year, and still have Zero holes in the pass. It says you can only go through once with it, but most of the time the young teens working there don't care enough. The pass is also good for reserved sitting for Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure, a most excellent show. The pass also gets you priority terror tram. --Frank
  8. I am most definetly interested. Although the price is a little high. Although I completly understand why it has to be, last year was so much fun doing the media day for this event I cannot wait to go back again this year. --Frank
  9. ^ I never got a good picture of her, but Julie Adams was there for the media coverage. She was taking pictures outside, and doing news interviews. She also got special recongniction before the show started. Overall the show was extermly good, and enjoyable to watch. The wire work and fly sequences were truly great.
  10. Depending on what music they put behind it, it could bring in both family audiences plus the "teen crowd" that they are so used to.
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