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  1. Keep it going boys and girls, I know everyone has more.


    From more recent times as park police


    International employees lived in cabins in the park campground, someone gave them a large beer bong about midway through the season which was total culture shock. They proceeded to funnel liquor from the roofs of their cabins nightly. Finding people passed out face down in the grass was a daily occurrence.


    Looking in the window of one of said cabins and seeing senior full time female staff being uh "serviced" by young eastern european men.


    Closing night of the season there was a huge party and bonfire, While attempting to cook myself a hotdog I made note that the bonfire was fueled by park uniforms.


    Seeing my boss get bitten by a large angry drunk dude, the ensuing melee involved lots of yelling, fisticuffs, pepper spray and free unscheduled entertainment for passing guests.


    Turtle Beach catching on fire.


    "Lucy" costumed character breaking character and laughing uncontrollably after being told she was a bitch for not ever letting charlie brown kick the football.


    The old lake ferries breaking loose and crashing into the floating bridge, park management freaking out because there were literally no working boats to use in the recovery.


    Powered parachute almost crashing into dominator, helicopter flying between steel venom's towers.

  2. Tons come to mind from my 10 years at Geauga Lake but these stand out the most,


    Lady at customer relations window demanding a refund for sea world tickets. This was long before Six Flags WOA.


    A woman in the water park that had a hairier chest than I've ever had and I'm italian.


    People walking down speed slides, co-worker riding the steep one head first laying on his back.


    Girl in small bikini that had bush growing halfway down her thighs


    Old lifeguard breakroom was under the turnaround of the big dipper, Co worker doing cleanup found a half full bottle of cheap vodka someone had lost off the coaster and then proceeded to guzzle it on the spot. Different co worker intentionally stuck his head up into the coaster tracks when the train was coming then ducked down just as the train passed.


    Ride op asleep at the control panel on grizzly run.


    Maintenance guys having a demo derby with their work trucks


    Baby ducks swallowed whole by giant mutant lake carp


    Countless people in restricted areas including low zones


    Attendees at a small company picnic cut off from buying booze before 1pm when beer sales started at noon.


    Park deputies sword fighting with batons on the midway.


    Drunken maintenance and safety services personnel sneaking into park at 3 am and driving the go-karts around the midway.


    Turds and tampons everywhere!


    Legendary theft of sea world baywatch boat by drunken lifeguards who crossed lake on a paddleboat, hotwired the boat and then drove it in front of packed sea world stadium during the nightly laser show.


    Employees riding Double Loop with the OSTR's up.


    Large floating snake from turtle beach dumped in wave pool, pool break then called "due to exotic animals drowning" Water ops manager later trying not to laugh demanding to know who did it and that the ops supervisor was "up his ass with a flashlight"


    Daily multiple person chain riding the turtle beach waterslide headfirst holding the ankles of the co-worker in front of you.

  3. As everyone said breaks are encouraged and at your leisure. During the 2011 event I even took a nap on Gemini's exit stairs. I was supposed to get off work at 1am the night before which would have left time for a good nap prior to the event but ended up stuck at work till past 6 and I was almost late instead. I tried to tough it out but by about 1pm I was falling asleep on the lift hill every lap. I curled up on the stairs and slept until one of the other riders shook me awake and handed me a bottle of water because he was worried I had heat stroke.

  4. Event was great, The special souvenier mentioned was a 4"x4" chunk of one of the ride signs. DT demolition will start immediately per CP management and all steel will be recycled so no hope of a relocation. 2 of the cars, a large ride sign and approximately 20ft of trough will be donated and transported to the roller coaster museum in texas. A large amount of the themeing and other props will be retained for further usage though no specifics were given. No specifics on the new ride other than an official announcement is coming in the next few weeks.


    The last ride with the lights on was neat, it showed just how much themeing really was hiding in the dark. Event was covered by channel 3 WKYC Cleveland who interviewed me, tune in if you want to see my ugly mug wax poetic about DT.


    Got to meet a great bunch of fellow TPR people, a group photo should be posted pretty soon. I'm at work now but when I get home in the morning I'll throw up my pics.


    Thank you so much to everyone who donated, your prize packs will be in the mail hopefully this weekend. If you haven't sent me your address via PM please do so asap so I can get your stuff in the mail as well.

  5. Thank you to everyone so far! This event is losing control! Over $5,500 has been raised so far! To my donors, if you haven't already pm'd your mailing addy so I can put your prize pack together. Final tally for donations are noon on friday so lets finish this strong. Ken is in first place with $361.00 and stands to win four 2012 admission tickets, four Fast Lane tickets and VIP seating to watch Luminosity in the Pepsi Plaza as the highest fundraiser although I'm going to try my hardest to give him a run for it. I'm at 4th place with $248 raised and a goal of $350, I'm $37 away from taking second place! Regardless of where we finish the kids and families served by GKTW win the most.


    I ordered my space helmet off ebay today, I dare you to make me wear it!



  6. Thank you to all my donors so far, After my last post my email was exploding with donation notifications! PM your addresses so I can send your prizes. As usual we are crushing the competition, Lets go for taking the top 3 spots! This event will send disaster transport into the night on a good note so dig deep.


    Anyone who donates to my page gets a prize! $2 gets a Geauga Lake key chain, $5 gets a GL shot glass, $20 a random grab bag of various Geauga Lake goodies, $40 a GL polo and a big grab bag of random stuff all fresh from my personal archives. Like my page says if I reach my fundraising goal I will wear a spaceman helmet for the event. Doesn't anyone want to see a spaceman make the last trip?


    Here is my page: https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/joseph-cappellojr/finaldispatch

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