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  1. Anyone who donates to my page gets a prize! $2 gets a Geauga Lake key chain, $5 gets a GL shot glass, $20 a random grab bag of various Geauga Lake goodies, $40 a GL polo and a big grab bag of random stuff all fresh from my personal archives. Like my page says if I reach my fundraising goal I will wear a spaceman helmet for the event. Doesn't anyone want to see a spaceman make the last trip?


    Here is my page: https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/joseph-cappellojr/finaldispatch

  2. To help raise $ for this great cause I will offer the same deal as before, Anyone who donates $2 gets a Geauga Lake key chain, $5 gets a GL shot glass, $20 a random grab bag of various Geauga Lake goodies, $40 a GL polo and a big grab bag of random stuff all fresh from my personal archives. Like my page says if I reach my fundraising goal I will wear a spaceman helmet for the event.


    Here is my page: https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/joseph-cappellojr/finaldispatch


    Just a small part of what I picked up at the Geauga Lake sales

  3. This breaks my heart, some of my fondest memories of CP involve disaster transport, several of which cannot be spoken of in polite company. I might cry after my last ride, yea its old and the effects are a distant memory but I loved that ride and have been telling anyone headed to the point to make sure to ride DT as its days are numbered. Another fun ride headed to the big amusement park in the sky.


    That said I've signed up for the GKTW event to try to get some small gain from a great loss and would appreciate any donations though I know everyone gave so generously for Coasting For Kids and we're all tapped out. https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/joseph-cappellojr/finaldispatch It will be an emotional event for sure at least for me.

  4. ACE gave $10,000 cash towards the blue streak restoration when that plaque was presented to the park. There is not another coaster club that does more for preservation of classic coasters. Leap the Dips anyone? They had promised 5K previous and upped it to 10K due to it being such a worthy cause. Also I will have you know that donuts dipped in gravy are quite tasty. Blue Streak has been running better and better since coming out of mothballs thanks to STI and the current park operator Adams Amusements. All the years of band aid repairs from previous operators are getting fixed properly to ensure the streak will be around for quite awhile.

  5. Thank you to everyone who sent me donations so far, the generosity around here is off the scale! PM your addresses if you haven't already and I will be sending out Geauga Lake Merch to you! For everyone else my offer is still good


    Anyone who donates the following amounts will get a prize. $2 gets a Geauga Lake key chain, $5 gets a GL shot glass, $10 a hat $20 a 4 shot glass set, $40 a GL polo all fresh from my personal archives. I have a literal truckload of this stuff and I will be throwing in extra random surprises. The two guys who pm'd me their addresses the packages are in the mail, you should be pleased with the contents. Can't wait for sunday!

  6. I agree wholeheartedly about ticket and season prices being kinda high. I wonder how well the place would do on a pricing structure on par with lakemont? $10 for all day rides seems to have worked for them for a long time. I am pleased to see that unlimited blue streak rides are available as a add on much like Knoebels "wood coaster option"


    While no one likes an upcharge, we all know the streak requires far more TLC to maintain than other attractions and this must be offset by said upcharge. $5 more for unlimited rides is a screaming good deal compared to years past. $80 is a lot for a season pass but like any park will pay for itself in short order.


    I look forward to seeing how Mr. Adams does with the task of managing the entire park. As far as I could tell he and his people were pretty squared away. I lost count of the people last summer thanking the blue streak crew for the work they've done and the opportunity to share the ride experience with their children and loved ones.


    For the sensitive rider I suggest grabbing the second row seat in any of the cars for a much smoother ride. By the end of the season there was only one really rough spot left and that was the last dip before entering the turnaround which I expect will be repaired before the coaster opens for the season.


    I encourage all of you here to help preserve and support this place by patronizing it this summer. Stay in the hotel, have a drink at the bar or dinner at the beach club or elizabeth's. Stop by for a half hour and ride the bug and streak as your passing through the area coming or going to waldameer or KW. We have lost way too many parks in recent memory, don't let this place pass into history (not that anything can kill this place)

  7. Meh, CLP has dealt with worse issues, Compared to the fires and other financial nonsense in the past this is small potatoes.


    Having ridden the blue streak at a minimum of weekly for the complete '11 operating season I can say that while it had a pothole or two and wasn't the smoothest of rides it ran great and was NOT anything approaching a safety hazard. Mr. Adams and his crew rode the thing daily and gave it a clean bill of health. If they observed a problem or something that needed attention the ride was shut down right then and there and did not run until repairs were made. Swank making libelous accusations that the ride is/was of dubious safety is irrelevant and sounds like he's grasping at straws trying to scare people away now that he's no longer involved with park operations. The PA ride inspector approved the coaster and permitted its operation, if it was unsafe in anyway do you think it would have got this approval?


    In regards to the lack of attendance if anyone was present at ghost lake on fridays or saturdays you'll know the place was packed to the gills. I saw the front lot packed full and the line for the streak stretch almost to the beach club at one point. CLP won't die, See you all there this summer!

  8. Hey everyone I neglected to tell my story like all the other riders so here it is.


    My name is Joe, I have resided in North East Ohio for all of my life and have been completely obsessed with rollercoasters since a young age. I don't post much around here but I can usually be found debating the conspiracy theories and memories of Geauga Lake and the latest Conneaut Lake news. I collect Idora Park memorabilia as well though I never was able to visit when it was open. I have the lead blue car from the Idora Wildcat among other park items. I spent many years working at Geauga Lake starting in 1998 until December of 2007 doing many jobs including lifeguard, guy with the chainsaw, ride operator and police officer. I am currently a full time police officer with a suburb of cleveland. If I'm not working or riding coasters my time is usually spent wrenching on a project car or surfing the interweb.


    This is my third year participating in Coasting for Kids @ Cedar Point, I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of raising money for such a great charity. Every year I look forward to this event with great anticipation. I would like to make the same offer to my TPR friends that I did on facebook, Anyone who donates to my page gets a prize. $2 gets a Geauga Lake key chain or magnet, $5 gets a GL shot glass, $20 a 4 shot glass set, $40 a GL polo shirt.


    I would also like to thank my fellow riders for making the effort and taking the time to participate, TPR for a great discussion forum and club (i'm perma banned from coasterbuzz ) Any and all donors for their generosity and of course GKTW for their selfless efforts to give peace to families and children who endure so much. See you all at the point!


    My donations page: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/joseph-cappellojr/CedarPoint


    My first marathon, Blue Streak Challenge 2002


    CLP Blue Streak 2011


    Geauga Lake PD, Roller Coaster Cop on Patrol


    Top Gun! KI closing day 2011

  9. Good riddance to kinzel, I hope his retirement is short and he gets eaten by a wild pig.


    I will make the following points in regards to Geauga Lake as an employee from 1998 to 2007. During the six flags WOA era the place was freaking packed on a regular basis to the point of it being hard to get to work on time due to having to walk through crowds. The halloween haunt was on par with CP's with 2 hr waits for houses, Yet all the the GL haunt themeing was shipped to CP after 05 and is still in use. If 6 flags wasn't idiots they've have kept this place or sold to busch who reportedly made an offer.


    CF upon taking over from day one they started removing very popular attractions in a destructive manner starting with the animals, live shows, then X-flight, bell aire, Mr. Hydes, Steel Venom replacing all of this with empty fields and fenced off park areas, full of rubble and letting the 4 year old water park rot in plain view all this along with pissing off the local labor unions who then declined to have their annual huge picnics at the park. No effort was made at all to keep the place viable by management.

  10. Thieves strike again http://www.goerie.com/article/20111024/NEWS02/310249912/Thieves-steal-$10000-worth-of-copper-from-Conneaut-Lake-Park-roller-coaster


    Thankfully the coaster was not damaged aside from the missing copper which doesn't affect operations. Blue Streak was running great all weekend. Ghost Lake is also kicking ass and taking names. The line for blue streak stretched down the midway past most of the games all of saturday nite with a wait of approximately 1.5 Hrs. The front parking lot was filled to capacity! Ghost Lake will likely be keeping the park in the black from now on.


    Also more work has been done to the track and the ride is improving greatly. Get the last rides of the season in this weekend. Ghost Lake is also open Halloween!

  11. Saw this floating around, A interesting read no doubt




    Anyone care to touch on this or share stories? Life was never this bad at Geauga Lake or Six Flags WoA when I worked there but both had some really silly rules, And I can't speak too much on life as a grunt at geauga lake as I was of the so called "protected class" as I was a member of the police force. Although management did hate us and long shifts were common even for us.



    Cedar Fair is supposedly aware of this online rant and according to the OP is losing their minds over the potential negative publicity.

  12. The loss of BBW was a true shame and the whole community will lament its loss for a long time. BGW has some giant shoes to fill there but I doubt anything will ever properly replace it. I am to understand BGW recently stated that it wasn't a money issue to keep it running though. Drachen Fire was a ok ride but I still remember my head bouncing off the otsr's in the corkscrews.


    Geauga Lake was a huge shock to the community and still is hard to believe that its gone, Villain being sold for scrap was a travesty as is the Dipper being allowed to rot. I feel the pain of everyone that loved astroworld like I loved GL, At least 6 flags had the common decency to tell people it was doomed.


    In regards to Nightmare, when I rode it at darien years ago I thought it was a amazing ride aside from the horrific capacity. Does anyone know if the ride is in the boneyard at the Great Escape? It would be a awesome addition to a smaller park like conneaut that is less concerned about capacity if it hasn't been melted down.


    X-Flight gets my vote as far as total shock, who expects a park to lose a headline coaster for no good reason?

  13. The streak runs a lot faster with the full train of course. The progress being made is great, though as mentioned the park is far from perfection. Every week there is more and more new wood on the coaster, The infamous melted globes have been removed from the light poles near where the ballroom once was and the mini golf course was completely refurbed. Another kiddy ride has just been added and supposedly a ferris wheel and another adult ride are inbound. Season pass sales seem to have been somewhat popular despite the price, mine was somewhere near the 200th sold.


    The circus may also be coming to conneaut next month according to the park facebook.

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