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  1. Islands of Adventure is just superb. So many top quality attractions coupled with great theming and you know you're onto a winner. My favourite ride has to be MIB: Alien Attack; I've never been on a ride as addictive in my life.
  2. I absolutely love water parks, and think they're quite under-rated really. I've visited Wet n' Wild in Florida a few times and LOVE it, the Bombay Drop (or something similiar) is far scarier than any roller coaster I've ever been on. In Europe there are many decent water parks in popular holiday destinations going by the 'Aqualand' name, and are extremely popular in the summer.
  3. I'm really excited by this, if not a little bit skeptical. Personally I think Dueling Dragons is one of those true gems of a roller coaster, a real masterpiece, and I would hate it to be tainted just to be able to fit in with a theme that the rest of the land is incorporating.
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