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  1. Visiting Dollywood soon with a plus size, XL-chested friend. We're FL folk so just to give you an idea.. she's never been able to make it onto Forbidden Journey or Rip Ride Rockit in Universal. Everything else is a go, including modified seating in most B&Ms. I'm pretty sure the only rides she really won't be able to do at Dollywood are Mystery Mine, Barnstormer, and maybe Wild Eagle, right? Is there anything else I should prepare her for?
  2. You guys need to consider how the everyday park guest considers these parking fees, not us fanboys who'd consider a $3 coke a bargain. I'm planning my first trip to Dollywood and there are people who talk about the prices of tickets, food, and parking like its highway robbery. Just take a look at some of the TripAdvisor reviews. And the parking is only $8, some of the cheapest in the nation.
  3. That's actually really cheap to me. Do you visit theme parks often?
  4. Why not complain about the parking fees? $20 is ridiculous. Sure, you might find a dozen other examples of places that also nickle-and-dime customers or do price gouging but that doesn't make it right. Sure, like the previous poster said it might just be a perception of value to the guest. But why make it seem like the park has little value yet a parking space nearby and a hot car at the end of the day is worth more than half the ticket price.
  5. Are you saying World of Color and Fantasmic can't be compared because they're not both Disney nighttime shows who project movies on water screens about a 10-minute walk from each other?
  6. No, no need to argue. Even if the Bistro 205 buffet is $19.99, that's a huge bargain. Disney's are like all at least $27.99.. I'm pretty used to theme park prices so I don't *think* I'll experience sticker shock.. But the $4 water bottle is pretty bad. That's like movie theater prices.. haha.
  7. Thanks for all the help. KD's food is still up in the air but I'll try to remember all the advice. I keep hearing KD's food is so overpriced but I thought I was used to theme park prices. Then I saw that a bottle of water there is like $4. For BGE, I'm gonna get the meal deal online and probably do Trappers or Das Festhaus during the show. Does anyone know how much Bistro 205 is? I'm not crazy about character dining.. If I go for the food, I usually end up running to the buffet when a character gets to the table next to me. Thanks so much guys. I can't wait! 8 days!
  8. Yeah, I'll stick to BGE and KD. Can you recommend any eats for me at KD? I've heard the food is pretty bad and overpriced but there has to be something worthwhile. I don't wanna starve. lol
  9. I was in Vegas a few months ago and rode Canyon Blaster and The Rollercoaster. Canyon Blaster was surprisingly great.. but I got off The Rollercoaster feeling like I got karate chopped by two ninjas. And I didn't know about Speed.. A google search came up with conflicting reports over it being closed or open.
  10. Yeah, I'll definitely be riding Big Bad Wolf. First and last time so it's pretty sad regardless. Unless I hate it. haha Google maps is telling me that Six Flags is almost 3 hours from the Busch area.. is that right? If it is, I definitely won't have the time. It says Kings is a little over an hour out.. I'll be staying in the Williamsburg area.
  11. Hey, I definitely wish I could go longer but I don't have that much time in the area. I looked up the Six Flags park too.. It looks awesome.. but it's gonna be about a 2-hour+ drive there and back which I won't be able to do on my last half-day. Thanks so much for your help though.
  12. Yeah, I come from the school of Disney and Universal so I'm all about atmosphere, shows and theming.. but I can also hit up a park just for coasters. The culture shock of non-Orlando parks already set in for me. You just have to get over your firsts.. like no wait-time signage, a lot coasters themed to parking lots.. haha But yeah, I love theme parks and rides.. as long as I'm not in a middle of those gang wars I hear so much about or at that the infamous "Fantazy Land" lol.. I should be good. So I'm excited for both BGW and KD. Oh, and thanks for your help.
  13. Thanks for the help. I guess I'll stick to my plan.
  14. I'm heading to Williamsburg to visit Busch Gardens Europe and King's Dominion. I have a limited time in the area.. 2 1/2 days. I was wondering if you think I should dedicate 1 full day to King's Dominion and 1 and 1/2 days to Busch Gardens Europe.. or vice versa.. Also, I'll be there August 13th-15th, so Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Would Thursday at Kings Dominion be okay and then Friday and Saturday at Busch? Is there any kind of flash pass/express for purchase for these parks? Thanks!
  15. This was so sweet, I kinda wanted to cry. I'm so happy for you two and I hope gay marriage is legalized everywhere so people like can me can be as lucky as you too one day. And I'm really glad to see so many supporters and all the love on this site. I can imagine how much it means to the original poster and it means a lot to me too. Oh and if I was going to get married in a theme park, I'd probably choose Universal.. in front of the globe. haha So COME ON Florida..
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