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  1. It's a Zamperla Shocker. The ride motion is essentially that of a Tango but the riders are seated. Looks like its built on a Power Surge base.
  2. 3 months later, here are a few more. Libertyland's Carousel was one of the oldest in the nation if I recall. Photo taken in 1990. Marineland's Dragon Mountain entrance looked a little less covered in foliage when this shot was taken in 1985. LeSourdsville Lake re-opened in 2002 for one year only. Thankfully I got to ride the Screechin' Eagle that summer. Awesome ride that deserves to be saved. Another LeSourdsville shot, this one of the Serpent coaster from across the "lake". The Zipper can also be seen at the far right. These happy coyotes were found at the end of Kennywood's defunct Gold Rusher ride. This is what BGT's Cheetah Chase looked like in its original location. BGW called it the Wild Maus and originally the Wild Izzy. Universal Studios Hollywood was renovating their main entrance when we visited in 1988. Anyone else remember Tour Of The Universe at the CN Tower? When it first opened, it ranked up there with the best themed rides I had been on. Grainy photo taken in 1987. A blurry shot of Toronto with the old Ontario Place Forum in the foreground. Glass Tiger used to rock the house here in 1986. The sun sets on SFGAm's American Eagle in 1994. Idlewild was once home to this rare Huss Tri-Star (called Trinado). It was a cross between a Condor, an Enterprise and a Scrambler. Bizarre, yet fun. Photo taken in 2000. Animal Kingdom's "Countdown To Extinction", taken in the park's opening season of 1998. And I'll end with this shot of Las Vegas' Treasure Island. The original pirate sign was WAY cooler than the crappy one they have now. Maybe new owner Phil Ruffin will bring the pirates back... Thanks for reading-
  3. Glad some folks seemed to like the pics and thanks for the compliments. Here are some more completely random shots. I have a boatload of these. Just never have the time to scan them all in. A look at Kennywood's Chance Rotor, which was one of the nicer park installations I've seen. Not sure when it was removed, but it is now at Lake Compounce. Before the days of Garfield, Kennywood had some unusual characters including this fellow- Jeeters. While not the best picture, this was a view of Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Sea Dragon, a very nicely themed Mack Sea Storm with a cool fountain in the center of the ride. If you look real close, you can see Drachen Fire rising in the distance. Picture taken in 1992. My final Drachen Fire picture was taken on the ride's entry path in its opening season. The Maestro greets visitors to Kings Island's Phantom Theater. Picture taken in 1992. A 1987 shot of Kings Island's King Cobra. I always thought Waldameer's Chance Carousel looked better before all of the games and souvenir stands popped up around the pavilion. Picture taken in 1996. A completely random shot (I tend to take pictures like Dustin Hoffman in "Rain Man") of Six Flags Great America's Demon and Rolling Thunder. The Orbit is also visible. Photo taken in 1994. A rather grainy picture of Kentucky Kingdom's Thunder Run taken in 1992. Not sure what was going on with all of the construction. The late Raging Wolf Bobs, here seen in 1989 before it received its white paint job. A nicely maintained Mack Matterhorn at a now-defunct amusement park in Aurora, OH. Picture taken in 1986. While Disneyland's sign just screams "seventies", this picture was taken in 1988. A horrible picture of Disneyland's Matterhorn Bobsleds, showing the Skyway passing through the mountain. Also taken in 1988. And I'll end this update with a shot into the 100 degree Valencia sun at the entrance to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Photo taken in 1988. Thanks again for checking these out-
  4. With the recent influx of "classic" park pics, here's some from my collection from the last 20 years. These were all taken on a crappy disc camera or with a disposable 35mm camera. Enjoy. A random shot of CP's midway with Avalanche Run visible in the background. If you look close, you can see CP's Soak City in the background when it opened in 1988, a year before Magnum opened. Mean Streak in its opening year (1991). Kings Island's Flight Commander. Photo taken in 1992. I actually liked this ride. Skylab (Huss Giant Enterprise) at Kings Island. King Cobra can be seen in the background. On-ride photo of Drachen Fire taken in its opening year with the corkscrew off the mid-course evident (1992). Gladiator's Gauntlet at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, a rare Vekoma Canyon Trip that lasted only a few seasons. Conneaut Lake's Hell Hole, a Mack Rotor that spun far faster than the more modern Chance versions. Picture taken in 1992. Another Flight Trainer ride, this time it's SkyPilot at Kings Dominion. Photo taken in 1998. Darien Lake circa 1991. No Superman and the park's Calypso are highlights. Waldameer Park as seen in 1994. The park was preparing for a new wooden coaster that would arrive 14 years later. Also note the Norman Bartlett Flying Coaster which was removed at the end of the 94 season. Another 1994 Waldameer shot showing the Mill Run, the park's original water ride. It was essentially an entirely outdoor Old Mill featuring a small drop at the end. It was replaced in 1996 with Thunder River. And I'll close with this shot of Knott's Sky Tower and Parachute Sky Jump from my one and only visit to KBF back in 1988. Thanks for reading-
  5. Hi... my name is Ray P. I have been posting on other message boards for about 10 years now, but for some reason, the fun just isn't there anymore. It seems like the world of online coastering has become one of constant bickering, trolling, and the oh-so-annoying "Site Wars" where people aren't even allowed to mention certain sites by name. I was always under the impression that this hobby was about enjoying amusement parks and just having fun. Seems like somewhere I missed the memo that you have to be a Business Major or act like a complete snob in order to be deemed "cool". Stats about myself: 37 years old, married for almost one full year, bought a home with my wife in October 2007, got laid off from my job of 12 years in November 2007, am now going back to school for a Graphic Design degree, and I enjoy visiting amusement and theme parks. In any case, I will do my best to contribute positively when I can and look forward to sharing photos as well. Photo TR's are my kind of thing... Ray P.
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