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  1. From what I've heard, the fire has burned everything in the four blocks from Stockton Avenue (the southern end of the boardwalk) to Lincoln Avenue, and the cut that stopped its advance north is at Franklin Avenue. As of 10pm, the fire is 65% contained. Water is being pumped from Barnegat Bay to help the firefighters. All from News 12 NJ. Link to map of Funtown Pier and surrounding area: https://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF-8&q=Funtown+Pier+Amusements&fb=1&gl=us&hq=funtown+pier&hnear=0x89c19978f0fa59a3:0xb8bd200a59048ca7,Seaside+Park,+NJ&cid=0,0,6896949122243143303&ei=k38yUve3CYHD4AO_noDQAQ&ved=0CKsBEPwSMAw
  2. when i go to put roofs on the buildings they stay on the ground, and dont go ontop of the building. Is there somthing you do to put it ontop of the building?
  3. Anybody know about phase 2 and phase 3? What will be rethemed, what will be redone, and what will be demolished?
  4. 1. Press release at official Walt Disney World website 2. Do you mean you can't see them or they don't look right? They are both from the press realeases mentioned above. American Idol will be in the old ABC thearter. Toy Story Mania! will be in the old Who wants to be a Millionare! building.
  5. Many new rides are coming to WDW in the next few years. Here's two of the rides: American Idol Toy Story Mania! One revamp is expected: Space Mountain will be revamped to compete with three things: 1. New roller coaster at Seaworld Orlando 2. Project Rumble at Universal Studios Florida 3. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure And a possible 5TH PARK!?!?: Disney's Night Kingdom, as of right now, will be built to compete with Seaworld's Discovery Cove.
  6. What will they add/demolish/move during phase 2 and 3. And what will Ghost Blasters become, or could we see that going in the next few months?
  7. Someone's TR at Valleyfair Zone had a picture of a banner over Log Chute that said Future Home of Back at the Barnyard Party Animals - it's new theme!!?? Someone else said that they are going to: 1. Move Back at the Barnyard Hayride (Lil' Shaver) closer to Log Chute and 2. POS will NOT be repainted He also said that the buildings near the Danny Phantom, except the new store, are slated to be demolished for a new ride!!!!!
  8. I can't wait until August when I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And in the 2nd picture on pg. 113, of the Party Room, was that the Stadium Club? I loved it there!!!!!!
  9. my home park is SFGAd and that would be number 2, behind Seaworld/Universal Studios Florida/WDW
  10. my home park is SFGAd and that would be number 2, behind Seaworld/Universal Studios Florida/WDW
  11. what is that yellow banner next to SOS and the white thing under the crane near SOS?
  12. alot has happend as they prepare the finishing touches! sign above avatar next to SOS, white stuff on floor water under loop in pond
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