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  1. Well the support structure doesn't look much like the REAL Fahrenheit's, but it still looks good. And I can see how that would be much more simple to do and hold the ride better, with them being K'nex.
  2. This wasn't bad, especially for your first steel ride and recreation. Just a few main things you need to work on. 1. Make sure your track is a little bit more smooth before uploading. 2. Look at pictures of the real ride, especially Google earth if available so you can measure the ride from above. The recreation resembled the real ride, but some measurements were off. 3. Look at some pictures of realistic B&M element shaping. Yours was a bit off in places, notably the cobra roll. Overall good job for a first time, just work on those things.
  3. Hey, I'm Jeremy. I'm 14 and from central Illinois. I have been an active member of other coaster websites, particularly CoasterSims, for a while now, but haven't posted much at all here. I HAVE used this site for many photo references though, so thanks for that everyone. But now I have decided to become a little more active in the forums of this site. My home park is debateable, as there are 5 parks around me that I visit most often. However there is a catch to this, and that is that all of them are in between 2 1/2 and 4 hours away! However my favorites are the smaller ones, Indiana Beach and Holiday World. Both don't have the traditional rip-off price standards, plus Cornball Express (back seat mainly) and the three woodies at Holiday World are some of my favorite rides. Hopefully I will be coming on an east or west coaster TPR trip in one of these upcoming summers, as soon as I save up enough extra cash.
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