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  1. If I was CEO, I would deffenently see which parks are profitable and ones that aren't and sell the ones that aren't. Then once I got the parks that are bringing in the money and let that happen for a few years. Then, once I got a good amount of it. I would focus on one park at a time, basically give the park a big make over with food, rides, entertainment, and family attraction. Then, over the span of years that it took to get around to all of the parks that have been given the make-over, go from their. Maybe start working my way back up to where I was, but this time with a lot of money behind it.

  2. ^^Thanks.

    Like I was saying, what are the bodies going to look like for the cars? Different from the originals?


    I really hope not. The new trains (personally) look more innovative and sleeker than the old ones. I wouldn't mind a body to cars, but if they don't and that makes the ride better, than I would not care in the least about the body.

  3. I don' t think that the park will ever really bee on a Busch Gardens level, but Six Flags can really bring this park to it's highest potential.


    I don't know what they should do to Scream! but they need to do something because the name, the themeing (or no themeing) and the colors don't help this ride at all.


    But, I think that they need to also really focus on getting Revolution back off the ground.

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