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  1. OK we got a new segment for the Daily News version of In The Loop. It’s called “Coaster Graffiti” and it will be a new question asked everyday. Basically like the title says, we want to Graffiti up our show with your opinions.


    To help kick off “Coaster Graffiti’s” debut on this Thursday show, we are asking the question of which coast has the best coasters? Is it the East Coast or The West Coast? So give the hotline a call and give us your opinions on this subject. I know we got a lot of Westside Riders here at TPR. So call in and defend, or bash your coast.


    Let’s get those calls in and take advantage of this great new interactive feature available for all you excellent In the Loop supporters. It’s your turn to let your voice and not our annoying voices, be heard.

  2. Alright, it's now my turn to speak on this. I got to give big props to Elissa, Katie and Erin. I wish we had a camera in the studio for this one, these ladies had me and Clint blushing and turning red many times over. It was sooo funny. When I would come on and say I'm speechless, it was the real deal. I don't know how were going to top that.


    I will say this though, you MF'ers here at TPR have given us the best feedback on our show the last two weeks. You got any ideas, want to appear on the show, give us on ThrillNetwork some of that TPR flavor, hit us up. Jeffrey over at CBuzz just launched their own show and are putting people to sleep all over the net. So lets help fight bordem.

  3. <-------I think all people need to do is just look at my pic. I'm already not that far from cross dressing. So Gnome, just to let you know, our show is open for all if they want to be on. Were happy to have any park go'er on. We only have these rules.


    *Official Rules*

    1. Must mention a ride or park at least once.


    2. Must have very good patience to deal with "Idiots" like Clint Novak and myself.


    3. Must have a very good sense of humor.


    With this upcoming "Weekend Review" show to feature all girls, could it be possible we are stealing somebodys wife this weekend?

  4. Yes! Thanks to Robb for putting up with us losers. Glad he was able to finally clear up all those "rumors" about being banned. I mean it's a shame he's going to have to change the name to the site now. Come on how you going to do Theme Park Reviews if your not even allowed to enter them in the first place


    I know our show isn't for everybody but hopefully those that checked it out could learn these few things. If you want to ride an Intamin, don't eat cheese sticks in between rides. Despite his actual appearence, Stan Checketts is a tub of lard because he makes big seats for his riders. Hard Rock Park won't be building any good rides until Robb buys more $6 drinks. Plus a highly respectable ThrillNetwork webmaster did it with 3 big guys.


    Seriously though we were happy to have Robb on and anytime he wants to be back he has an open invitation. For everybody that listened, hopefully you enjoyed it. I figured people who post on here would get a kick. I know a coaster radio show sounds stupid, but we try not to take everything so serious, just like this site does.

  5. The Voyage at Holiday World is a definate on my list for next year. The reason why is simply because Holiday World already has two world class wood coasters, so the buzz about how they are going to top their very own is very interesting....VERY lol.


    Also Italian Job Stunt Track at Kings Dominion, simply because even though it's already been done before, maybe only 5% of Kings Dominion visitors will even know there are others. For Kings Dominion it's going to go nicely with their other coasters and a great follow up to their Tomb Raider: Firefall. I also believe that this will be the most heavely themed of the new coasters making their debut next year.

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