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  1. Chuck is right, Pass Preview Day is always a cold, damp affair and we wouldn't have it any other way. Today was a good day though I think. Didn't get to ride the Wolf because of said breakdowns and yeah DarKastle was being weird on us, but it's all good.


    I do however want to share a special moment I witnessed between two strangers at the park entrance. I got to the park so early that I was probably one of the first 20 people to walk through the gates. While Clink Novak and the rest of my party were processing their passes, I had chosen to be a loser and enter alone.


    Right as I entered, there was this couple getting their picture taken by the fountain at the entrance. Right after the employee snapped the picture, the guy drops down to one knee and pulls out that magical ring box. You know what came next. She said "YES" and they both hugged and cried....and a total of 3 employees and myself clapped in celebration.


    The guy was really embarrassed/nervous/happy. But on top of everything else, I don't know if he appreciated my fast acting camera skills as I captured this moment.


    "Honey! Nothing could be more perfect than a cold, wet, cloudy Season Pass Preview Day at Busch Gardens Europe! Will You Marry Me?"

  2. Steve Irwin was an idol to me. When I first watched his show, it was to see all the crazy antics he did with the animals, avoiding injury each and every time. Over time I began to appreciate his work and his message he was trying to bring forth on his show. I really am upset I will never get the chance to meet the guy, but I know his memory will live on in reruns and his cheesy, but yet hilarious motion picture from 2002.


    It's obviously not a shock that this had happen. But the simple fact that he is gone it very hard to swallow. This is a very sad day for me.


    Rest in Peace mate! Crocs Rule!

  3. I'm excited about this. People can say all they want about how boring the others are, but I think this is good for PKD. The theming on Tomb Raider this past year was excellent and they are going to follow that up on the "Stunt Coaster".


    What else is good is that all the whiney enthusiasts who are complaining about the ride won't be stinking up the lines while I wait. Everybody wanted some kind of B&M so to that I say, go down south about an hour, BGW has a nice pair to shut your mouths.



    I'm ready to get shot at by a helicopter.

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