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  1. Themmsbury Park is Bankrupt! The next time I post you will recieve a download of the finished park. It has some construction; as the park had to close mid season; and if you would like to post what you have done please do. The download doesn't require any custom scenery so it should be easy to download and use. However I will post some destruction pictures. It's a cracking shame but my newpark is alot better! Any feedback before I post the download (of before deconstruction) and some of the deconstruction pictures.
  2. Trust me it's the best game for PC about rollercoasters. I don't include No Limits as it's generally not a game; it's a simulator. You can't really find any bad things to say excpet your PC must be of a good standard to avod lag...other than that it' super.
  3. Announcement Themmsbury Park Announces.... Soakasarus, Returns... This new waterbased rollerocaster will stand on the position that Soakasaurus currently occupies. However the new rollercoaster will taek the position of the Bears. The bears will then move to the Animal area of the park. Later on in the year Two Roboarms will be added.
  4. Today I'm just showing 5 images of the park. It is very work in progres at the moment, hopefully next time you see the park it'll look a bit more complete. At the moment the entrance looks very bare. I want to add something to it too make it feel more realistic..any ideas? The station, It still needs some tweaks but it turned out well for a first draft. I'm not too sure about the roofs, however, if you have any suggestions plese tell me. I do like the way the queueline leads you here though. It needs trees, bushes and some terraforming... A new ride; I still have to add buildings but other than scenery it's nearly there. You can see the new monorail here. I really like the landscape. It looks very real. It needs more trees though. My Monorail. It's quite realistic, has nice turns and the ground has been prepared. Any Comments, feedback, and ideas will be vastly appreciated. Please bare in mind that I am using no custom scenery and want to see what the results are without it. I do not mind critisism as long as it is constructive!
  5. Welcome to Landscape Park. Unlike My previous efforts; Landscpae Park will be alot better. Again the park has no custom scenery; however it is finally landscaped and looks alot nicer. The park has a very Canadian/Vermont feel to it and currently is a small family owned park. We have so far a small Looping rollercoaster, a Ferris Wheel and a Chairlift as well as many small food outlets and a Horse enclosure. I hope that you enjoy my park; feel free to offer advice, constructive critisism as well as ideas. Well here are the pictures so far: Entrance without trees. Ticket Booth. Collect your tickets here! The Foodcourt and Horse Paddock. The river and surrounding hills. The Looping coaster: Python! The station and Queueline. Ferris Wheel Hill top ice cream, Chairlift station and small Stall. Station. Some theming on the Chairlift. I know; it needs a station builing! Comments?
  6. Well I'm afraid I have some big news...I'm not saying now but by the end of the post you'll know.... I haven't made the onride video yet and during this update...I'm going to be cruel and not show you the new coaster! When I get some feedback on this update then I will post the new coaster and the on ride video. This year was good for the park. Profits are back up and I have hearde rumours of a world's first next year. However the park may be heading into a more Family Orientated direction.... Nobody even bothers riding me any more. I'm too bumpy. And very painful. Now it's time for 20 years spot the difference.... How Time Flies..... There will be no considerable updates until I get more feedback...uyntyil then you will see no new pics or videos. However ThomCompany...Owner of Themmsbury Park have released an image of their next project...
  7. Season 20 will see the addition of Oily Dereck. Oily Dereck will throw riders in all directions; at high speed for a truly thrilling experience, whilst they try to escap the dreaded oily dereck toppling over. Featuring corksrews, high speed turns and more; Oily Dereck will be an amaing ride. Season 19 was a sucess, this year will be even better. Guests pour through the gates ready to ride Oily Dereck... Ready to ride? (Oily Dereck will be shown in a one off video this Friday...Do not miss it) Any Coments, ideas, suggestions or feedback is truly appreciated.
  8. SEASON 19 Crepton Castle. I wasn't allowed my camera in this ride but you have to admit the photos I have really do show this ride off. Inside however that's where it really goes downhill; the ride has little theming, there's too much smoke and the lighting's poor. You could also see the emergency exit way too easily. However for a new ride most people liked it. You enter the castle by climbing up the steps and then travelling down the dark tower. The tower is amazing; it's loud smoky and quite mysterious. You wonder what's at the bottom. Here's the new area; it's fabulous! I think the area needs a restraunt though. Here's the Crepton Castle exit. It could really be better themed though. Here's one ride they went to town on! It just looks fabulous. The entrance queueline builing. It's really cool it has LCD's top show you the spiders of the world. Pretty creepy if you ask me. One view inside. It's looking very nice. Goodbye... Thanks for years of fun! This was during October. The ride was missing it's lift hill. They weren't mucking about when they took it down! Creepy! NEXT TIME IT'S THE SEASON 20 ANNOUNCEMENT!!!
  9. Season 19 Announcement. The third change will be the removal of The Grinder. After 18 seasons the ride will be removed due to high maintainence costs and the overall ride quality being afected. Goodbye friend. It was a fun ride. Last ever lift hill shot!!! Until the next time
  10. Wow Cheers! I'm playing the game whenever I get any time. Which is quite alot at the moment thankfully! __________________________ Season 18 Bye then! I wish they could of kept this ride a little bit longer. I mean surely though a ride is better than no ride? Everyone mises the Horses! It's so empty! Treetrunk Construction Another shot! ________________________ This year I managed to get you two groups of images. These are from later on in the season! TreeTrunk ready to thrill! If you ask me, it's a bit lazy of the park to use the same queueline and operator's booth. I mean come on guys! You can afford a new booth can't you? _____________________ Well then you may be asking what's th new attraction? Is it a new coaster? A new restraunt? A Dark ride? A new flat ride? Stay tuned...there's more to come! POSTS MERGED TO AVOID DOUBLE POSTING Season 18: The new entrance. You can see the new roof and perhaps the new ticket booths. It's complete! What a waste of land. They got rid of the horses for this? I mean atleast the horses were relaxing! This path seems utterly useless! There's nothing here to go to! Why do the park expect that I don't want to use the main path? Tell a lie; it's a fabulous photospot. Something DARK arrives season 19! Something very dark indeed....
  11. Well then. I still have to add the new coaster but trust me; it'll be worth it when I do! Keep telling me which one you want! _____________________ Season 17 Announcement I think this is goodbye then. I remember the first time I ever got a ride on Thunderspun...It was amazing. I was only 5 at the time and nothing else in the park thrilled me in the same way. I don't think I'm going to miss the animals. I heard a huge rollercoaster will take it's place. A shot of the Horse enclosure. COMMENTS PLEASE!
  12. Hmm, what do you suggest? A helix? More hills? More banking? Be more specific! Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I stil need them though so keep them coming. Today I have selected three main sites of where the coaster should go. Please tell me which one you prefer and WHY! The 1st is the red site. It is where the current launched free fall coaster is and would stretch over the surrounding areas. Animals would be moved to another area of the park and the ride that they took the place of would move here. The 2nd is the green site. It is the current spinning coaster site and the coaster would be removed and if space allows a small Guest Services building would be placed. The Third is the place of the 17 year old inverted coaster. It is quite old now and would be a good time to retire the coaster before it got too bumpy. However This would leave alto of room for a new Guest Services Building. So please choose your coaster and site.
  13. I'm a bit undecided about having a dark ride. You see with my PC already beng slow because of the 2000 guests in the park, I don't think that it is a good idea to have more densely themed rides. However what I will do is make a fully themed dark ride in a sand box with insides and theming whilst the park will have a hollow building with an outside and the ride; but without the inside rooms. If that makes sense... No, I can't. Seeing as my vista computer refuses to show any custom scenery and the fact that it's laggy and a tad fiddly to use; I'm going to keep to the supports I have... BIG NEWS.... Coaster Number 1: 100ft Giga Coaster Coaster Number 2: Looping Coaster.... Coaster Number3: Short junior Coaster... So tell us now which coaster you would like to see in the park in the future.
  14. I am currently running out of ideas for the park. I'm open to any serious suggestions now. Perhaps you think a coaster should go? Should I get rid of the spinning coaster you've seen? Would a dark ride suit that area of the park? Let me know Any suggestions are welcome! _________________________ Season 17! Good gosh 17 years and the park hasn't had too many changes. I mean alot of the original rides are still working. The new restraunt is doing well! As is the mine coaster! Even the trampolines are doing well! Here's a nice shot of the twister coaster Fire... I've heard a new ride may take it's place next season. I hope not it's the main family coaster! An overview of the ride....You can see the revolotuion's new space. From the Castle Roof. The tunnel! Here you enter the MCBR and a small helix before re-emerging from the dreaded tunnel to see the daylight
  15. I'd like to join in if it were okay...Maybe I could make us some logos?
  16. Hello again chaps and chapeeses. I hate to be the one to break the bad news... I love this ride...It's always packed though! Everyone loves the feeling the ride gives when you are dropped from 100ft! New seating area and new restraunt next to the Rotodrop. Another shot of the new restraunt. Steak Pies, mashed potatoes and peas. It's Sunday Lunch! New paintjobs seem to be the big thing this year... Oooh more woodnes goodness with a new paintjob! The Graviton spot seems so bare. I miss it! Mind you atleast they didn't just pave over it... Another new paintjob! The last day of operation! The lifthill went first... I can't wait for next season! Any comments?
  17. Hello I've made a small lay down rollercoaster and I would like your opinons. I made it in one hour yesterday and made the video today. I would like to know what you think of the ride...what's good what's bad and what I can improve.... Enjoy!
  18. Okay then. What do you suggest? *Track alteration, new colours, new layout, new station. *New ride *New Flat *Dark Ride *Concrete. Any other thoughts on the park?
  19. Here we update again! ____________________ Season 15 The Hunky Mines Excavation! Rides near the second entrance sure are popular The packed slide Aboard the splash carts The Soakasaurus exit The ageing foodcourt Nobody ever rides... Next Season a BIG Ride Removal!
  20. Right then...I've uploaded all of the pictures that are of late to a new photobucket account...However I still have to add some older pics and update the thread. But I will show you today's pictures of Season 14! The images on the previous page can be found here _______________________ SEASON 14 ANNOUNCEMENT The Bears...I don't think anyone has ever seen a picture like this. From the Mini Railway a shot of where Graviton used to stand. This was the seen on opeing day...the station was left but all of the track was gone! The overhead shot from the Drop Tower! The Junior Coaster's replacement for season 14...a concrete mess. Next season will see the new adition debut here. The drop tower sure is good for taking photos... Soakasaurus is doing well in the heat...
  21. Hmm I like this park but I have a few ideas: 1.) Wider Paths- Despite the limited ladn you have to use I think some wider paths would make the park amazing. 2.) More trees and buildings. I like the start you've made with the trees but more would be even better. As well as a building around the food stores. 3.) Have fun and remember when you take screenshots to rename a peep "David Walsh" and then press Control and U on your keyboards and the sidebars will disappear making the screenshots ever better! Hope this helps! RubberDuck
  22. NOTICE IMPORTANT Really sorry about the pictures. I have decided to close my website as there isn't going to be a RCT4 and it seems pointless to have the site open...I do need to re upload all of the pictures which should take a while...please bare with me!
  23. It looks great! Have you tries making the "Don't stand up" sign a billboard..that really would rock!
  24. Yep you're right I thought about a waterpark before deciding it wasn't tooo suitable..But I hope you like this new rides as much ______________________________ Season 13 An Overview of the interaction betweenthe coaster and Rapids The Lifthill and main body of the rapids. Here the speakers in the train tell you of the history of the Mine Then you drop suddenly... Twisting into a helix Up a short hill...getting faster and faster! You then fly over the rapids ride trying not to get soaked and escape the mine before the TNT planted by the red indians explodes! Here you can see the short but fun layout of the rapids. You go into the Tunnel underground to be splashed by the waterfalls. Plenty of rapids and drops and twists ensure you get soaked and escape the mine! For the grand finale you fly past the explosion at speed and then enter the station.... An overview of the station and surroundings An Update will be soon but for now any comments?
  25. (Going off topic slightly) How do you need to load your RCT3 up? Where is verything stored on your PC? I myself have to open RCT3.exe as a file and it loads up...However it's on an external Hard Drive and already pre installed...Have you managed to install it yet? (On topic) I would like to use some custom scenery but it is quite laggy already! Mind you I'm going to be nice and show you all a TEASER! OMG t3h most updates eva 111
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