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  1. For more info on the park the new website is at http://godarienlake.com.
  2. Wow your a real rude person? Whos the mod around here anyway?
  3. Is it really illegal to put peoples name on packages.
  4. Does this have anything to do with me?
  5. Robb did you put my name on it?
  6. Well has anyone ordered from Theme Park Review noticed there name on the package? If it is on there then Iwillget it but it may not come to me if not.
  7. Im serious was my name on the package?
  8. Ohh ok thank you very much for the fast shipping was my name on it by any chance?
  9. I forgot to put on my order form Mailing address that I live in Apartment 2 or Apt 2 and please put my name beofe my address Philip DiMartino. Thanks my email is philipdimartino@gmail.com
  10. Unfortunatlyu it is a birthday my daugther saw it online and wanted it so I told her maybe and I want to give it to her on her b- day o May 16th I understand it may be a while I just would like to know I won't ask anymore.
  11. I do understadn that it was not shipped I don't expect that it would have I was just wonderign if you could tell me when it was shipped thank you. Do you think on like Friday I could ask agian if it was shipped?
  12. Well I was jsut wondering if you could tell when the order has been shipped.
  13. I emailed you a ways back and I ordered a DVD from you on May 1st I emailed you asking you if when the item was shipped if there was a tracking number I never got a response but I was wonderign can you my email address is philipdimartino@gmail.com and my name is Philip diMartino I ordered Caoster Season 4 dvd.
  14. When i was at formally SF Darien Lake last season 2006 the ride op on the lasso said Thank and have a great 45th aniversary at SFDL no the park is not 45 years old not very funny.
  15. Ohh so you live near the park have you heard anything else lately about it.
  16. Has anyone heard anything more about the Aqauarium expasnion going on at the park.
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