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  1. Apparently, the Giant Wheel is the next to go, missing from the map and according to a photo from a Facebook group, the wheel has no gondolas as of yet. https://www.sixflags.com/darienlake/plan-your-visit/park-map
  2. Not staffing. Drive gearbox broke. Any update on Pirate Overheard guest relations simply telling a guest who was complaining about rides down that Pirate will not open at all this season.
  3. I'm referring to problems with the park. Attendance. Never seen before. Yes, Six Flags is trying to "kill" Darien Lake!
  4. Exactly like Great Escapes. Good for as total of 4 people. Good all season. Any ride.
  5. Does anyone remember when the Rocky Horror Picture Show played in the Grand Theater? Anyone remember details, or dates of that whole thing. Pics?
  6. Website is coming along https://www.sixflags.com/darienlake/food-and-dining/all-park-restaurants Got to know where to look!
  7. I have Diamond Elite and I don't see any of those yellow food discount deals there. What kind of pass did you have? I see the start dare in September 2018. When did you get your pass or see those show up?
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