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  1. More weight, less wind resistance, works for me Great video Erik!
  2. Sorry bout uploading the video, I didn't know it but I wasn't seeing all of the video. stupid media player.
  3. For anyone who's interested, I happen to be a nerd and took a video of the floors dropping when I went there just today. The one posted earlier doesn't show very much, so I thought I'd share mine. Griffon_Floors.zip
  4. so, this means it IS open? I heard they were letting people ride starting the 18th, but I didn't know if it was really open or not. I'm planning on going down there on thursday (day before official opening), can I expect it to be running?
  5. Sounds like everyone had a good time, too bad I'm too dumb to call One thing that was great about goin to SFA was the weather! I couldn't have asked for a better day to make my first visit there for the year. And I also got a season pass out of it too ($49.99 for regular admission OR a season pass? which one would you take...) It's good you guys went to a park not everyone knows too much about. It's a good park but just doesn't have a whole lot that others don't. I was really happy WildOne was running so well, it's probably my new favorite there (#2 being SROS). Anyone at the meet see the blue SROS train? I'm not sure what happened to it, but it wasn't on the storage track or running.
  6. Can't believe I missed you all. I really should've woken up on time. I got a late start and got to the park around 10:30. Thought I'd see everyone around the park but I didn't. Oh well
  7. thank god I don't need to bring a bag, $2 for a locker is ridiculous. damn you Snyder!
  8. ^Sweet! Finally some good weather! For the past week it's either been cold, or not as cold but rainy. Let's hope the forecast doesn't change.
  9. I hope... the past few years haven't been too good and it (like many other SF parks I'm sure) needs a little attention to detail. I'm really glad to hear the employees are nicer than last year.
  10. They're advertising it as "[The New] Skull Mountain" now, I saw a commercial for it. Hopefully that means it's now officially Skull Mountain like everyone calls it and it'll be open with more regular hours than before.
  11. ^you mean the Caps Center (now Boulevard @ the Caps Ctr)?
  12. ^Some people around here do who've been following them for a long time. But let's focus on the meet, shall we? Little discount for anyone interested. The Parks&Planning/Welfare&Rec service around here sells discount tickets for parks in this area, including SFA. I'm not sure about this year, but in a general price range, tickets for SFA through them are $20-30. Other places probably do this too I'm sure, just thought I'd let those know who don't. The only places I know besides the my town's town hall that sells them at those prices are PG Sports&Learning Complex (not far at all from SFA and relatively easy to find, if you can spot FedEx Field, you'll know where it is) and the Navy Yard in Southeast DC (where I got my tickets for KD today actually). I still remember it as Adventure World cause it was the first park I ever went to.
  13. Yea I remember going last year and the management staff were randomly testing employees on certain aspects of their job. This sounds like it's gonna be a lot of fun. I had no idea so many MD/DC/VA are on this site.
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