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  1. ^ wow.... how close did the fires actually get?!?


    Well we were all packed up and ready to go just in case, if the fire had moved down the mountain and jumped the road it would have been at the base of my hill. The fire only got about halfway to 3/4 down the mountain (not sure, I fell asleep) before some tankers smothered it out in the morning, thankfully.

  2. ^ sounds like you had quite an interesting educational experience.


    The French teacher at my school got annoyed with a student and pinned the kid against the wall and choked him. All he got was a week's suspension from teaching. He's pretty psycho anyway, which is why I didn't take French.


    It takes a ridiculous amount for teachers to get fired around here anyway these days it seems.

  3. This time last week my grandma called us and said it was 114 where we live

    luckily at the time we were about 100 miles above San Fran, and it was oh, about 60 degrees thank god we missed the heat wave. Since we got back it's been cloudy and cooler....weird

    The week before that however I had to go to a camp in Orange and I think it was about 106 or so....and we had to march outside

  4. Dartarro originated way back to when I was 9 or so, and my parents used to call me airhead (I was a ditzy kid ). They started to call me arrowhead when we took a trip to Lake Arrowhead. I needed an email address so i used that, but I didn't like the way it was spelled, so changed it to arrohed. fast forward to when I was 14, I wanted a new screen name for msn and at the time I loved frogs and I was thinking of the poison dart frog. shortened arrohed to arro and got dartarro_21 (21 just cuz it sounded cool). When I joined TPR I added on RC (for roller coaster) and voila! RC_Dartarro.

    So I guess I'm a roller coaster airhead who likes frogs

  5. Wow, when did the grading scale change?!?!


    When I went to school it was:


    94 - 100 = A

    85 - 93 = B

    78 - 84 = C

    65 - 77 = D

    64 & Below = F


    that's how it was at my middle school, but when I hit high school, *bam* bombarded by stupid people who amazingly (and somewhat unfortunately) still get A's. Our grading scale is like this:






    except in chemistry, where everyone is stupid so they lowered the F to a 58 (I don't know why everyone hates chem so much).


    Last year I shot for high A's but was bummed when my A+ didn't show up on my transcript. This year I said screw it and I'm just barely eeking out an A in math by the skin of my teeth (I do poorly on all the tests). Still have straight A's though through exams next week.

  6. I went to Orlando last March, and it wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be...the most crowded areas I experienced were Magic Kingdom and IOA (Dragons was the longest wait). Most of the other parks weren't too crowded though.

  7. When you put 8 hours into a piece for honor band only to find out that you're not playing it, but they instead give you 5 extremely hard pieces that don't sound like actual music, have so much sporadic playing it looks like someone puked up black on the page, a million key and time changes, an accidental on every note, all of which you have a week and a half to learn during the time you should be studing for finals.

  8. I hate moths (especially the large ones) and roaches. It was a real traumatic experience when our vacation cabin was infested with hundreds of large moths :shock: and my dad made me catch some of them to "get over my fears". Thanks dad. One time at band practice, there was a huge moth the size of a bat flying around near this one girls head (yuk)...so she started whacking at it with her flute .

    on the other hand, i do like spiders and dragonflies. Spiders can't flap around sporadically near your head. Plus they eat all the annoying bugs and are facinating to watch. Dragonflies are pretty friendly and colorful and fun to watch as well.

  9. And on the subject of odd shots, I recently had twelve shots in my toe just to remove an in-grown toe nail.

    I've had an ingrown toenail removed three times because they were dumb and didn't deaden the root the first two times


    on the topic of flu shots, I think they are overrated. All the people I know who ever get the shot get the flu from it. I think our bodies are more effective in fighting it off ( I personally don't see the big deal, the flu is pretty much like a cold...they dont have vaccines for that yet )

  10. I agree that black Friday is a horrible tradition that brings out the animal in people. I read that a 73 year old woman was knocked over and trampled! she could have broken her hip :shock: I think its pretty ridiculous to wake up that early just to find they're out of everything.

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