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  1. wow i have'nt been here for a month and u 2 got another baby congrats also shows how much i pay attention
  2. QUOTE(IF I SPLET THAT RIGHT):I like Gorillaz, although i don't have either of their albums, and i don't buy the albums because a lot of their songs with the exception of the ones they release are kind of cruddy. Especially with Demon Days. My favourite song is probably 19-2000 or Clint Eastwood. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ i agree with the demon days part most of the songs there are really cruddy but i still like it the other album i dont have so i would'nt know i dont want the other album because i can just download with limewire that sould work....oh no im ranting again
  3. awsome hey you joined on 2D's birthday
  4. ya th..th..thanks..... (runs away crying)
  5. yay i have the book the new album and the new dvd i will (if i am aloud) post the dvd inforamtion here soon
  6. Does anyone like the band gorillaz if so please say and i will be happy
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