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  1. Well Nickelodean sucks now with all the shows on it now and Spongebob is like the longest running show on it now so it makes sense. And if you saw the Spongebob movie, you would know just from that how they treat adults well also. I wouldn't like to see an Adult Swim park....I'll just stop there.
  2. Hey im Tom I live in So Cal and I am 18. I have pretty much been solely on RCPro for the past 4 years, but I am starting to switch here for no specific reason. My home park is SFMM, KBF, and DLR but it will soon be WoF as I will be attending college at Kansas State University beginning in August. I cant recall what my first actual coaster was, but my first coaster with an inversion was Viper at SFAW. I have been on almost 100 coasters, and my favorite one so far is X at SFMM followed closely by TTD. I think Millenium Force is overrated while Blue Streak is underrated and my favorite wooden coaster.
  3. Im 18 and my first coaster was either Big Thunder at Walt Disney World in 1992 or Viper at SFAW in probably 1993. I miss that ride!
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