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  1. Your staying at the Holiday Inn Surfers Paradise, Right? I think i may have seen that photo Before. Obviously you have less construction, a cool ferris wheel and no daylight. We really enjoyed our stay at that hotel. Fantastic spot for a vacation.
  2. It's really cool to see you guys visit a park that I take for granted. The funny part is that you actually hit a warmish day here. Sunday and Monday this week was -30. It was -5 today and it was almost shorts weather. And of course we got another 4-5 inches of snow over the weekend so that made driving even more fun. I agree the Mindbender is a really good ride but there is something in the transitions of a schwartzkopf that are really bad for head banging. Although i don't usually take shots to the head its usually in the neck, and that can sour you on a ride. Ken
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