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  1. Wow. I really never realized all the negative feelings towards Kings Island. I've only been to KD and for some reason I was always jealous of KI. The main reason I want to go to KI is to ride the Beast. I've had a love affair with that ride since I first heard about it when I was about 5 or 6. My uncle lived in Cincinnati and I visited him twice in the 80's and I was always upset that I never went to the park, remembering he'd always say to me,"You need to come visit us and we can go to Kings Island to ride the Beast." Those words chilled, yet excited me.

  2. Mind Eraser at SFA for me, although Anaconda wasn't so great the last time I rode it at KD.


    I'm just wondering, how much do you think rider size fits into the equation? I'm fairly large and will be going to SFoG in a couple of weeks. I'm wondering how rough GASM and the Cyclone would be if I were 50 pounds lighter.

  3. Is it worth it to try to ride Kraken or Rock 'N' Roller Coaster? My plan would be (so I miss a minimal of work) to try to arrive in Orlando Thursday night, do IoA Friday, Universal, Saturday, bus trip to Tampa Sat night, do Busch Gardens Sunday, fly back home either Sunday night or Monday morning. Another idea I had would be to try to do Sea World and MGM on Sunday and do Busch Gardens on Monday (fly back that night).

  4. Yeah--I'm leaning towards the Universal/Busch trip. I used to go to college in St. Augustine and I went to Universal Studios in '96. My parents and I had a lot of fun (I think I remember all of the construction for IoA). I'm still kicking myself for not going on the college-sponsored trip to Busch Gardens. I'm going to push for the Orlando/Tampa trip. Thanks for the help.

  5. Hey folks. Trying to make this the year I expand my horizon in coasters from just the Virginia parks. Had my first trip to SFA about a month ago. I already plan to go to SFoG at the end of this month and I want to try to get up to Hersheypark as well. The problem is that all my friends are broke so theme park trips are difficult. Even more difficult is that I don't have a license right now (don't drink and drive, kids). However, my friend won a plane ticket to anywhere in the continental US. I said I'd go with him and we narrowed it down to Universal Studios Florida and Cedar Point. I think we should do Universal Studios Florida because it has a reputation for being one of the best theme parks in the US and it might be better to do Cedar Point next summer when I can drive (plus they'll have a new attraction up). He's concerned that Universal doesn't provide enough roller coaster attractions. Obviously, we're both roller coaster dweebs. Another idea I had was that in addition to Universal, we could take a trip down to Busch Gardens Tampa to make up for this.

    What do you guys think? I'm open to suggestions or even alternative destination parks.


  6. Well, I did a similar post earlier today, but here goes. I will probably edit this post in about a month as I'm going SFoG, PKD (1st time since 2000), and maybe Hersheypark.


    1. Apollo's Chariot

    2. Alpengeist

    3. Batwing

    4. Superman: ROS (SFA)

    5. Volcano

    6. Big Bad Wolf

    7. Wild One (I know most SFA attendees prefer Roar, but there's just something about this woodie)

    8. Loch Ness Monster

    9. Drachen Fire

    10. Grizzly

  7. I haven't been on enough woodies to make a top 10 and my steel list leaves something to be desired. My first trip to KD since 2000 as well as a trip to SFoG should fix some of these lists up.



    1) Wild One

    2) Grizzly (KD)

    3) Rebel Yell

    4) Roar (SFA)

    5) Hurler (KD)



    1) Apollo's Chariot

    2) Alpengeist

    3) Batwing

    4) Superman: Ride of Steel (SFA)

    5) Volcano

    6) Big Bad Wolf

    7) Loch Ness Monster

    8 ) Drachen Fire

    9)Two-Face: The Flipside

    10) Anaconda

  8. Hey--I'm Rob. Love them coasters but have never ventured much beyond my area to ride them. I live in Richmond and although Kings Dominion should be my home park, I consider Busch Gardens to be it--much better park.

    Haven't been on too many coasters compared to most of you guys. I finally got up to Six Flags America last month and loved Batwing, SROS, and Wild One. My favorite coaster overall is still Apollo's Chariot with Alpengest not too far behind. I'm very interested in seeing what exactly comes to ole Billsburg for 2007. I'm making a jaunt down to Atlanta later this month and can't wait to ride Goliath. Will it overtake AC as my new #1???

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