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  1. All of those clues look like a Super Loop to me. At first I thought there is no way then i remember we are talking about six flags.
  2. How dose a footer damage the ground? It is made out of sand rocks cement and water and steel but its illegal for it to touch the ground and has to be in cased in concrete. Also it is much harder to remove track 230' in the air than it is to take out a footer.
  3. Those supports are like that because there is a deep vally and creek there. It also is where the coaster exits and enters back into the park.
  4. Unionized labor! Its not the workers fault six flags is the general contractor and creates the work schedule so union or not it dose not matter. I would also much rather go on a new ride knowing that the people who built it got paid good with benefits And all had the same training. In the end this means happy workers who wont half ass the job.
  5. ^with the extra supports being added its going to take more time so its probably cheaper. Plus there is two air force base's pretty much on both sides of Great Adventure so a helicopter would probably be in the way some how.
  6. I did confirm that those big footings behind kingda ka are going to be extra supports for the tower so it is safe to say kingda ka will not be open at all during the construction. I have also been told that the construction is behind schedule due to many reason weather being a big part of it.
  7. ^ I agree I was just getting at the fact that in years past they would remove a ride and instead of cleaning the area up and making it nice they just threw a few benches in there and made it a smoking area. Besides there is already two in that area.
  8. Let's not forget the large smoking section that will be going in there Great Adventure is well known for tearing down rides and replacing them with a new smoking section the following year.
  9. Those are big footings for just theming the base of the footings is about 30'x30'. In the photo the footing looks small because it was back filled. The photos where taken over a few days not all at once.
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