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  1. Just making sure I keep in training ready for the weekends festivities by tucking into a few beers. Well we may have lost the Ashes but when it comes to proper Beer we've got the Aussies well and truly SPANKED!! First up Badger Brewery's "Tanglefoot," well it IS Valentines day and Niicolaaah is much better looking than Derek!!!!!
  2. Well as I don't have a "Recent Beer Festival" photo to post or a beer I have drunk this evening I have resorted to a pic from last years Rotherham raid. http://www.bluebuzzards.com/gallery/albums/userpics/10001/barstitch.jpg The drinking continued long into the night back at the Buzzards Sheffield Control Station.
  3. Seconds out has been moving on so I'm now onto :- Los Endos - Genesis
  4. So that those of us who managed to go there during their New Years Eve in Summer celebration last year got double rides at night with virtually no queues!!! OMFG. That really was one of THE best ever days I have had in a theme park and all becuase we were doing several Walibi parks and had Season Passes. It turned out that we were entitled to FREE food, FREE drink, the park was open till midnight and we all had loads of double ride tickets! (Note to self. Dig out notes and write the frigging TR.)
  5. Good old VekOWma, oh how I love thee!! NOT. X-Flop was pants when it opened, awful to ride, slow loading and not a very nice ride position or ride experience. (Anyone want to hazard a guess as to whether i liked this coaster or not?) Sure it'll help keep the GP rolling in and will spark some interest but when I get over there in 2008 it'll be one to leave well alone.
  6. ^^ because it's fun!! Goliath for me every time. EGF just didn't have the same out of your seat airtime that Goliath has and the pacing on Goliath is as near perfect as you can get. EGF also seemed, well not rough in comparison but, not as smooth as Goliath.
  7. I've been searching the internet high and low for any information what so ever regarding the 2nd best Flying Scooters on the planet (Knoebels JUST sneaks 1st.) I've dredged forums, news groups, websites etc etc and have so far found diddly. I've even tried emailing the spawn of Satan (BPB) but alas no reply. I already have that feeling deep down that they'll never be seen again and they are already sitting amongst a junk pile somewhere in small pieces. If there is anyone here who might know someone who can find out the fate of this tremendous ride please PLEASE let me know what has happened.
  8. Laughs out loud at the above antics. So you didn't enjoy yourselves at all then? Well in just over a week the BlueBuzzards are invading the Oakwood Beer Festival with the express aim of going beyond the 113 halves of ale and 1 half of cider we got through last year. Between us we actually managed to taste over 100 beers in a little over 7 hours. We'll put a few piccies up here but the rest we'll stick on our own webspace (best not go to made on TPR ) Damn it. No beer left!
  9. Even when you're thousands of miles away you can still share a beer with like minded people. Derek, Owd Roger and Me!
  10. Just to be all social and post in something else other than the Beer drinkers thread....
  11. Not back in work now till the weekend so I decided to have a Ruby and a few beers whilst watching the footie on the TV. Wandered down the local off licence and picked up Holts "Maplemoon", Moorhouses "Pendle Witches Brew", Marstons "Owd Roger" and finally Robinsons "Old Tom." Now the Owd Roger was nothing new to me but the other three were ones I had yet to try. Is that an Old Tom or are you just pleased to see me? The final ale of the evening is Old Tom coming in at 8.5% and a classic dark ale. A lovely rich fruity taste with an almost Port like aftertatste. YUMMY! Another new one to the palette next, Pendle Witches Brew at 5.1%. Another light ale with bags of flavour and a nice malty aftertaste. Start with the lowest ABV so first up the Maplemoon at 4.8%. A nice light ale with a very subtle hint of Maple. The evenings selection.
  12. DRAGONSLAYER STOUT!!! I want some, even if it just for the cool name and funky bottle. (Prods Nodders the Welsh Git) I reckon we've just found your perfect beer!
  13. The bloke taking the picture has got his tackle out!!!!
  14. Thankfully we don't have to sit through the adverts we just get highlights, recaps and some analysis. Might be able to turn the sound back up now that the Purple Ponce has finished.
  15. You mean you can't watch your TV AND post at the same time? It has certainly been an exciting first half with the weather causing all sorts of havoc. Hmm, looks like the Colts are gonna score again... and they do.
  16. Only a couple today but what a lovely pair. Mmmmmm, Beer Good! OK, it's not Christmas but the Hook Norton "Twelve Days" is fit to be drunk anytime. Even against the back lit window it stays dark. First up is the deeply dark and delicious Oatmeal Stout. Not one to be gulped down but savoured slowly.
  17. Note to self. Save money, arrange flights, Join party!!
  18. Well it's Saturday and I've been shopping so time for some more Ale whilst I settle down to watch the Rugby. Good Old Bob. (Guess the coaster picture top left) Drink Beer. The Egg Chasing is about to start. POOR BEER! Fancy a Piddle? The Selection
  19. Well I guess I should test the latest batch of Home Brewed Ale so tonight it's a swift half of "Smoke On, GO!" which is brewed from a Yukon Smoked Ale kit. It certainly has a very nice aroma and it's got a lovely smoked hickory flavour to it. Smoke gets in your glass! Sampling the goodness
  20. You've Drunk Ferrets? How DID they taste and what was the ABV?
  21. I take it the Ferret hasn't had swimming lessons then? I'm on the wine tonight as I ran out of bottles yesterday and I'm being very good with regards to the home brew in the cupboard. However I am celebrating due to getting a phone call today to say I'd been offered the job I had interviewed for last Friday.
  22. Raided the supermarket on the way home for a few bottles this evening as I have to leave the 80 pints in the cupboard alone!!! They're for drinking prior to visiting the Oakwood Beer Festival in two weeks time and I don't think I'd be popular if I started on the barrels. So a Jennings "Red Breast", Badgers "Fursty Ferret", Wells "Banana Bread Beer" and a Theakstons "Old Peculiar" have passed my lips this evening. I like a nice Red Breast Am I seeing things or is this beer good? I reckon I'm a bit Peculiar Ferret Fondling Hmmm Banana Beer SLURP!
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