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  1. I witnessed the aftermath of a guy getting his nose broken on El Toro. Blood all over the train and platform. Had a water bottle just miss my head on Superman (SFNE). Sadly a few bad actors make it horrible for the responsible folks out there.
  2. Wow you are correct. It has been too long since I made that drive. Almost 3-4 hours. A lot of country in between.
  3. Both PKD & Cedar Point have new coasters opening up less than 2 hour drive from them now. Invadr at BGW and Mystic Timbers at PKI. Not sure if they would like the overlap or want the limelight to themselves. Just a thought on the seeming long rebuilds. It also gives RMC something to do in the "off season".
  4. I just hate when that happens. Oh my ! Must proof before hitting enter...
  5. Best: Old school B&M brake runs and kicker tires. A lot of sound. Worst: Any old wooden coaster they refuse to lube any more. Metal on Metal screeching. Alt Cat: Huss Enterprises. Not a coaster but I love me an Enterprise any day. Lee
  6. Well, I will very happily be at Kings Dominion next weekend.
  7. Good question. How long did Son of Beast stand before Banshee was built on that land ?
  8. I'm sorry, but I fail to see how a park not getting a new thrill ride or a new coaster for next year is "the end" if that's what you're getting at. KD is not going to be Geauga'd just because the announcement was for a few new kiddie rides. Yep they still got investment which is good. Dominator is not getting re-assembled again for a third home.
  9. I understand that this isn't the time or the thread for rational thinking but personally KD might still be my favorite park in the chain after Cedar Point. I prefer it to Ki, Knotts, Carowinds, Dorney and Wonderland for sure. KI might have a better coaster lineup (debatable) but KD has much nicer atmosphere, great flats and a spectacular log flume. Anyway go back to your relentless bitching. I have a really hard time of thinking what to add to KD's coaster lineup. It's easily one of the top in the chain. Agree with your sentiment. Very lucky to live in a region with 3 parks. 3 very different parks. Although it would be great to have a new coaster, at least BGW have InvadR. SFA got Virtual Reality this year. Kind of new. Maybe PKD will fill in the blank for 2018.
  10. OMG LARSON LOOP! The only thing that would be more disappointing would be a used scrambler with an extremely tame ride cycle. This made me laugh. Then I thought no it would be an improvement. Now I am depressed. Glad I did not wake up early to drive for this. Why no mention of Hurler at all ? It would have taken 30 seconds.
  11. Just got back from Six Flags Over Texas. First time there. Not a bad park. Strange policy though for single riders or those in odd number pairs. I not sure if this is new and has been covered but no other Six Flags I was at last year did this. There seems to be a rule that no single rider can be in the last row of a train. Initially I thought this was the very last row. No it seems that if the first three rows out of 8 are full, a single rider cannot be in row 4. For instance, I got to SFOT early Saturday. Hit Batman. Maybe 10 or so on the train. Was the only one in row 8. They actually moved 2 people from row 2 back to 8 so I would not be riding by myself. Bizarre, in hindsight there was still an empty seat next to me. On New Texas Giant, I choose the the next to last row. Thinking it was the very last physical row. In this case the physical last row behind me was empty. I had to move with the folks in front of me. They were cool about. It just seems strange. Maybe this is a result from the events of the past year. Are any of the other parks implementing "No single riders in the last row with people in them" policies ? Leroy
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