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  1. i went yesterday....got there too late to get on in time....wait was like 2 and a half hours....it DEFINITELY looks cool in person and the fire is sick!
  2. hey. I just came back from Florida today and saw the show at Universal. And since we purchased our tickets using our Mastercard we got special "VIP seating" for it. I really expected more though. It was more of watching old Universal movies and then a few fireworks here and there. But finale was good and the lasers were cool so it made up for it.
  3. That first 911 phone call that they have on there is pretty scary. It really shows all the commotion that was going on.
  4. Sorry to hear this. My thought's go out to the child's family. But does anyone know how long it's going to be closed? I'm going to Disney in 2 weeks and this ride was on the top of my list.
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